3 Lower-Cal Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipes You'll Go Crazy For

Updated 09/10/19

Saying goodbye to summer is never easy—but there are certain parts of fall that certainly sweeten the deal. Case in point: crisp days that call for a jacket, apple picking, and dare we mention the most delectable pumpkin spice latte recipes. Although some have called the drink “basic,” we happen to be of the mindset that it’s basically amazing. When it comes down to it, it’s a dessert in a cup (and perfect for getting a tasty caffeine fix, too).

But what about when you want to indulge in all the rich pumpkin and spice goodness on the regular and still save room for other sweets? Well, that’s when lighter versions of the autumnal favorite definitely come in handy (and yes, they do exist—you just need to know how to make them). We’ve found three simple ingredient swaps courtesy of some of our favorite bloggers that we think will change your tune about how healthy a pumpkin spice latte can be. Scroll through and try out our better-for-you PSL recipes. And don’t worry—we can keep this our little secret.

Go Crazy for Coconut

coconut pumpkin spice latte recipe
Half Baked Harvest

This tasty pumpkin spice latte recipe from Half Baked Harvest relies on three swaps that make it worthy of drinking on the regular with zero guilt. First, using coconut water to brew the beans packs it with tons of potassium and electrolytes (which helps since coffee naturally dehydrates you). Next, switch out whole milk for coconut milk—we swear it’s still creamy. Then, finish with a bit of maple syrup to sweeten so you won’t get that crazy sugar high (and low).

Make it Paleo With Almond Milk

paleo pumpkin spice latte

Full-fat milk—or cream—certainly packs the calories into a latte. Instead, go Paleo with an almond milk version from Fed+Fit that only has 30 calories (yes, you read that right). It’s not just the milk that makes the difference—opting for Truvia (a natural sweetener) also helps. This one’s so healthy, you may be able to have two…

Add Syrup to Pour-Over Coffee

pour-over pumpkin spice coffee
I Am a Food Blog

This recipe from I Am a Food Blog is whipped up with homemade pumpkin spice syrup and pour-over coffee. We love that you can make a big batch of the syrup and put a drizzle into your brew every morning (it will last for a few days in the fridge). Since pour-over coffee is usually enjoyed black, you won’t even need to think about any form of milk.


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