These 7 Punch Bowl Recipes Are a Last-Minute Partier's Dream

Sunnier weather begets last-minute gatherings. That's just a given. When the perfect climate strikes on a Saturday afternoon, it's good form to invite the crew over for a deck party. If you're hosting an impromptu shindig, there's no easier bartender fix than bulk-batch punch. These artful and inspired twists on classic party favorites are a go-to for anyone looking for a stress-free planning mode. Even if the party is in full swing, if you find your gang running low on provisions, these easy combinations clock in at around 10 minutes each, in terms of prep time. The self-serve appeal also leaves you more time to mix and mingle with your guests without the hassle or added cost of hiring a bartender. No need to belabor the point: They're really easy, okay? Can we party now?

What's your hostess style: Prep in advance or improvise on the fly?