14 Gorgeous Purple Bedroom Ideas That Don't Feel Like a Kid's Room

Bedroom with graphic floral wallpaper and purple chair

Design: Emily Henderson Design; Photo: Sara Tramp

We're color lovers through and through, but—truth be told—there's no shade that captures our imaginations quite like purple. It can be glamorous and chic, stately and royal, or muted and dreamy. But in any case, it's perfect for a bedroom, because of the relaxing and indulgent feeling it seems to exude.

But going all-in on purple can be a bit of an intimidating design process, and it's not a color you see pop up throughout the home as often as, say, its versatile and perennially beloved cousin blue. But for those who brave the risk, the payoff is immense. Not only will your space be a total show-stopper, but it's sure to inspire some of your most relaxing sleep in recent memory. Something about this luxurious color even serves as a reminder to indulge in a little extra self-care, and that's something we could all use right about now. Luckily, interior designer and color expert Iman Stewart is here to encourage us and drop a few tips.

"Color has always been my thing,” she tells MyDomaine. “I just like to have fun with interiors, and colors are such a great way to do so.” She's also a firm believer in colorful design as a natural mood booster—another thing we could all use a healthy dose of these days.

Meet the Expert

Iman Stewart, design director of I|S Iman Stewart Interiors, is a Toronto-based designer of residential and commercial spaces with projects spanning Canada, Jamaica, and the U.S. She’s developed a masterful understanding of color and style thanks to an early start in the arts and working in the paint and decor department of a big box store at the age of 15.

In need of some inspo before you take the purple plunge? Read on to see the bedrooms that will convince you it's easier to go purple than you ever expected.

Choosing the Right Shade for Your Decorating Style

  • Traditional: A deep purple with blue undertones will pop against the intricate patterns and rich woods of traditional décor and lend a royal look to your interiors.
  • Minimalism: Light and airy minimalist interiors will benefit from subtle touches of soft lavender or lilac that introduce just a whisper of warmth into your space.
  • Mid-Century Modern: Mid-tone dusty purples with gray undertones will coordinate well with the neutrals and wood typically found in Mid-Century-inspired interiors.
  • Maximalism: Go all-in on jewel-tone purples like amethyst and fuchsia that will make a major impact in your maximalist space.
  • Desert Modern: Give your Southwestern-inspired desert modern aesthetic a healthy infusion of wine and plum purples to pair with all those rich, earthy browns and oranges.
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Get the Best of Both Worlds

purple bedroom

Reena Sotropa

Our nominee for Most Likely To Be Our New Favorite Color Pairing: purple and orange. Hear us out—these two larger-than-life colors can actually feel surprisingly natural together if you know how to style them. And considering they're one step away from being complements on the color wheel, it makes perfect sense.

Here, an earthy burnt orange (complete with a playful hand-painted pattern—a touch we absolutely love) pairs beautifully with soft lilac and dark lavender for a palette that feels modern and fresh.

The color wheel is an easy way to choose shades that work well together—look across the wheel for complements and adjacent for analogous.

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Mix Dark With Light

purple bedroom

Maite Granda

Stewart's a big fan of bringing in multiple hues of the same color. "It doesn’t just have to be one bold color, it can be several variations for that monochromatic feel," she says.

This feminine space (photographed artistically in the reflection) makes use of two shades of purple to achieve the right blend of drama and everyday effortlessness. A barely there lavender hue gets kicked up a notch (or three) by an infusion of deep amethyst, bringing some luxurious notes to this enduringly chic space.

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Try on Some Pattern

Bedroom with purple pattern lumbar pillow

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

Maybe you're the kind of person who shies away from bold patterns (or any pattern, really). We get it—working with patterns can be intimidating and feels like more of a commitment than playing it safe with solids.

If that's the case, let this calming bedroom inspire you. A foundation of solid neutral walls and bedding means that a beautiful patterned purple lumbar pillow is pretty much the star of the show. And because everything around it is so streamlined, it doesn't feel overwhelming in the slightest.

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Bring in Metallic Tones

Sleek and chic black and gray bedroom with stone-look wall texture

Devon Grace Interiors

A subdued dusty plum may be the most forgiving purple to bring into an adult bedroom, but it's still crucial to ground it in more "grown-up" accents and accessories to really sell the look. Stewart's suggestion? "Add some yellow or gold and metals with gold undertones."

This space does just that, incorporating metallic gold details like a sleek wall sconce and nightstand that add just a hint of glamour and shine. We're also pretty smitten with the dimensional velvet headboard that pops against dark gray walls to create a high-contrast background for the black-and-white bedding. It's any dark-and-moody lover's dream.

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Think Less Is More

purple bedroom

 Design: Christina Kim; Photo: Raquel Langworthy

When it comes to a personality-packed color like purple, a little bit really does go a long way—and that's exactly why we love it. You don't have to splurge on a whole new bedding set or wallpaper a room in purple floral to achieve a distinctive and high-impact look. Even in a relatively muted shade like this one, a purple headboard can be a bold (yet soothing) pop of color that sets a space apart.

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Don't Be Afraid to Indulge

purple bedroom

M. Wilcox Design

Fit for a queen, indeed. Not for the faint of heart (or those with chromophobia), this undeniably indulgent bedroom feels like a perfect place to rest the weary head that wears the crown, in our opinion.

With its long history of being traditionally reserved for rulers, glamorous royal purple is paired with deep jewel-tone blue, layering in even more luxury.

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Consider Your Walls

Bedroom with purple accent ceiling

JK Interior Living

When it comes to putting purple on the walls, Stewart suggests having a lighter hand elsewhere. “If they’re painting or if they're going to be doing wallpaper, I would definitely say try to go neutral with some of the other pieces so you don't overwhelm [the space]."

We love the unique wallpapered ceiling treatment in this bedroom that certainly makes a statement in shades of purple, pink, and brown. Neutral furniture and linens keep this space feeling light and airy, while an assortment of textured and patterned throw pillows tie back into that dramatic ceiling.

Installing a simple trim frame on your ceiling or walls can be another way to make your purple accent wall stand out and look truly bespoke.

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Paint Your Ceiling

purple bedroom

 Design: Dekay & Tate; Photo: Ken Hayden

Contrast ceilings have become one of our favorite ways to infuse a bit of the unexpected into a space, and this bedroom just reinforces that feeling. If your heart is set on pulling out the paint rollers and going purple but you're not sure about taking this bold color wall-to-wall, the ceiling can be a cool place to experiment.

Be sure to pick out a statement light fixture that will look even more dramatic against a colorful ceiling.

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Gain Inspiration From Everywhere

purple bedroom with wine-colored accents

House of Harvee

A surprising source of inspiration for a purple bedroom? Your wine cabinet. This subtly boho, understated space mixes shades of burgundy, rosé, and even a peach wine-like hue to great effect. And best of all, since the pop of color is confined to the head of the bed, it's easy to swap out pillows when a new color scheme strikes your fancy—one of the many benefits of a mostly white bedroom.

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Dress the Windows

Bedroom with purple curtains

Design: Julie Rose for Emily Henderson Design; Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Another easy-peasy way to bring a pop of purple into your room is via window treatments, be it curtains or blinds.

We adore the lilac-tinted, pom-fringed curtains in this sweet bedroom. They create subtle contrast with all the blush pink going on and tie back into the monochromatic rug. The result is a soft space that still feels sophisticated enough for an adult.

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Find Purple Furniture

Bedroom with graphic floral wallpaper and purple chair

Design: Emily Henderson Design; Photo: Sara Tramp

If you love vibrant spaces with plenty of interest, look for a purple accent piece or two such as a chair or bench.

We'd venture to guess that the wallpaper in this fun, garden-esque bedroom was the inspiration behind the entire room. A luxe purple velvet chair stands out beautifully against the busy backdrop and looks so charming paired with a pink throw pillow that ties back into the wallpaper.

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Add Luxurious Textiles

Gray bedroom with purple pillows

Dan Rak Design

This bedroom proves that you don't have to go full maximalist to achieve a glam look. A patterned gray accent wall with purple undertones sets the stage for the space while crisp white bedding and a few plush, purple velvet pillows up the ante. But our favorite detail is the periwinkle wall. It coordinates but doesn't feel matchy matchy, making it clear that this is a luxe space without going overboard.

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Embrace Boudoir

Sultry purple and red room

Thrills of the Emporium

Stewart has another bedroom-appropriate suggestion: "You might want it to be sultry and have a sensual vibe. I would add calming reds with purple and magenta undertones to give that boudoir feel.”

Case in point—this sultry plum bedroom that feels intimate and warm. Eclectic, worldly pieces like an ornate headboard and beaded chandelier are layered with plenty of pattern and livened up with greenery to keep the space from feeling too dark and serious.

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Try Out New Classical

purple bedroom

 Design: Will Brown Interiors; Photo: Aaron Leimkuehler

Grey and purple are a favorite and classic pairing—not only are the two soft hues easy to mix and match, but they just lend an effortlessly elevated air to any space.

This bedroom is a masterclass in how to get the look: soft grey velvet upholstery mingles with crisp lilac sheets, while brass and gold accents catch the light. The finishing touches? Some art school-cool abstract art and a neoclassical sculpture complete the look.