12 Gorgeous Purple Bedroom Ideas That Don't Feel Like a Kid's Room

purple bedroom

Design: Decorist 

We're color lovers through and through, but—truth be told—there's no shade that captures our imaginations quite like purple. It can be glamorous and chic, or stately and royal, or muted and dreamy—but in any case, it's perfect for a bedroom, because of the relaxing and indulgent feeling it seems to exude.

But going all-in on purple can be a bit of an intimidating design process. Because it's not a color you see pop up throughout the home as often as, say, its versatile and perennially beloved cousin blue, it might not feel as intuitive to embrace purple. But for those who brave the risk, the payoff is immense. Not only will your space be a total show-stopper, but it's sure to inspire some of the most relaxing sleeps in recent memory. Something about this luxurious color even serves as a reminder to indulge in a little extra self-care...and that's something we could all use right about now. (Trust us.)

In need of some inspo before you take the purple plunge? Read on—whether maximalist, minimalist, or somewhere in between, these purple bedrooms will convince you that it's easier to go purple than you ever expected.

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Add Luxurious Textiles

purple bedroom


This bedroom proves that you don't have to go maximalist to achieve a glam look. A whisper-light purple throw and some soothing artwork lay the groundwork for the space, while a few plush deep purple velvet pillows up the ante. But our favorite detail is the pair of glossy black side tables. The dramatic dark hue and the antique-y style of the pieces makes it clear that this is a luxe space, without going overboard.

purple velvet pillow
Stitched By Grace Purple Velvet Pillow Cover $43
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Try On Some Stripes

purple bedroom

Leigh Jones

This space takes a number of "design risks", but somehow they all just work. While purple striped upholstery might seem like a tough sell to some, this elegant bedroom finds just the right way to balance them with historic hues and unique textures. Rich sage green provides the perfect counterbalance for the bold, vivid purple, uniting the space in a color scheme that's at once unexpected and appropriate for a period home. Neutral bedding brings everything together while keeping things interesting with a variety of fabrics and materials.

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Bring in Metallic Tones

purple bedroom

Linda Eyles

A subdued shade of lilac may be the most forgiving purple to work with in an adult bedroom, but it's still crucial to ground it in more "grown-up" accents and accessories to really sell the look. This space does it beautifully, using a dark, oversized headboard to create a high-contrast background for the bedding, and lend an elevated element to the room. Metallic details, like the stately pair of benches at the foot of the bed, incorporate just a hint of glamour and shine.

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Go All Out With Maximalism

purple bedroom

Leigh Jones

For hardcore purple fans, this space is a dream come true. But what we like most about it is the mix of different shades of purple that seem to work so well together. From the wall color, which is a touch more blue-toned, to the bedding, to the bright area rug with notes of burgundy, it's a study in color-mixing without leaving one corner of the color-wheel. The result is playful without seeming immature, especially thanks to the classic lines of the furniture and the retro floral motif.

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Paint Your Ceiling

purple bedroom

 Design: Dekay & Tate; Photo: Ken Hayden

Contrast ceilings have become one of our favorite ways to infuse a bit of the unexpected into a space, and this bedroom does just that. If your heart is set on pulling out the paint rollers and going purple, but you're not sure about taking this bold color wall-to-wall, the ceiling can be a cool place to experiment.

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Think Less Is More

purple bedroom

 Design: Christina Kim; Photo: Raquel Langworthy

When it comes to a personality-packed color like purple, a little bit really does go a long way—and that's exactly why we love it. You don't have to splurge on a whole new bedding set or wallpaper a room in a purple floral to achieve a distinctive and high-impact look. Even in a relatively muted shade like this one, a purple headboard can be a bold pop of color that sets a space apart.

wingback headboard
Project62 Antwerp Wingback Lavender Linen Headboard $600 $540
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Mix Dark With Light

purple bedroom

Maite Granda Design Studio 

Do a double-take. This feminine space (photographed in the mirror) makes use of two shades of purple to achieve the right blend of drama and everyday effortlessness. A barely-there lavender hue gets kicked up a notch (or three) by an infusion of deep Amethyst, bringing some luxurious notes to this enduringly chic space.

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Don't Be Afraid to Indulge

purple bedroom

M. Wilcox Design

Fit for a queen, indeed. Not for the faint of heart, this undeniably indulgent bedroom feels like a perfect place to rest the weary head that wears the crown, in our opinion. Glamorous royal purple is paired with deep jewel-tone blue, layering in even more luxury (and bringing a little masculinity into the color palette, too).

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Get the Best of Both Worlds

purple bedroom

Reena Sotropa

Our nominee for Most Likely To Be Our New Favorite Color Pairing: purple and orange. Hear us out—these two larger-than-life colors can actually feel surprisingly natural together, if you know how to style them. Here, an earthy burnt orange (complete with playful hand-painted pattern—a touch we absolutely love) pairs beautifully with soft lilac and dark lavender to make a nature-inspired palette that feels modern (and a little desert-chic, even).

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Gain Inspiration From Everywhere

purple bedroom

House of Harvee

A surprising source of inspiration for a purple bedroom? Your wine cabinet. This subtly boho, understated space mixes shades of burgundy, rosé and even an orange wine-like hue to great effect. And best of all, since the pop of color is confined to the head of the bed, it's easy to swap out pillows when a new color scheme strikes your fancy.

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Try Out New Classical

purple bedroom

Will Brown Interiors

Grey and purple are a favorite pairing—not only are the two soft hues easy to mix-and-match, but they just lend an effortlessly elevated air to any space. This bedroom is a masterclass in how to get the look: soft grey velvet upholstery mingles with crisp lilac sheets, while brass and gold accents catch the light. The finishing touches? Some art school-cool abstract art, and neoclassical sculpture completes the look.

purple sheet set
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Edgy Eggplant

purple bedroom

Design: Allison Crawford  Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck for The New Southern 

Just in case you were still on the fence, this stunning room seals the deal. Gorgeous dark eggplant walls make a high-impact statement that's also incredibly sophisticated...giraffe table and all. Keeping the bedding bright and white provides enough contrast to keep the space from feeling too "heavy" or closed-off. In short, it's a home run.

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