5 Weird Psychological Reasons Someone Might Fall in Love With You

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While love will always be a mysterious part of life, psychologists have done their best to understand why certain people fall for others. According to a plethora of scientific research, it seems as though people fall in love for similar reasons—and you might be surprised by what some of the most common ones are. It may not always be love at first sight, but according to research compiled by Business Insider, falling in love could come down to a few factors having to do with a person's interests and body language. While most of the studies were done on heterosexual couples, the results are quite universal and can be applied to all couples regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Based on the research, if you do the following things, someone is bound to fall in love with you.

Play Hard to Get

It's the ultimate cliché, but a 2014 study showed that acting disinterested in a potential partner's questions increased attraction. However, the study also found that while playing hard to get increased attraction, it decreased likability. Just another reason love can be so painfully confusing.

Be Mysterious

It seems as though people like you more when they don't know whether you like them or not. This might sound like immature tactics in the game of love, but there's research to prove that this is how people think. One study had women look at photos of men who had seen their Facebook profiles. The researchers told some of the women that certain men really liked them, others that certain men rated them as average, and a final group of women was not told if the men liked them or not. The results showed that women liked men the most when they didn't know whether or not the men liked their profiles.

Use Hand Gestures

Researchers studied men and women who participated in speed-dating sessions as part of a 2016 study meant to determine how nonverbal displays affected attraction. The study found that people were twice as likely to want to see a partner again who gestured with their hands versus partners who sat still.

Have a Dog

It's no secret that walking around with an adorable dog can be a great conversation starter with potential suitors, but a 2014 study went so far as to scientifically prove this theory. The study found that women rated men as a more suitable long-term partner if they owned a dog than those who didn't. Researchers concluded that this is because owning a pet shows that you're nurturing and able to make commitments.

Care About the Environment

There is a connection between making eco-friendly purchases and being seen as desirable for a long-term relationship. A 2016 study looked into how purchasing decisions affect attraction and found that buying sustainable products can make a person appear attractive for the long term while making luxury purchases can make a person seem physically attractive and ideal for a short-term relationship.

Head to Business Insider for more on the psychological reasons people fall in love.

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