The Quarter-Life Crisis is an Actual, Real-Live Thing

If you’re nearing your 25th birthday and have started to lose sleep and feel anxious, you’re not alone. Inc. is reporting that the quarter-life crisis is very real. According to Ran Zilca, the chief data science officer at Happify, an app devoted to happiness, studies show that “being in your twenties is often confusing and lonely.” Although some 20-somethings may joke about spending their days working an unfulfilling entry-level job and their nights going on bad dates, Happify found that more people are experiencing a sharp increase in stress levels and the onset of depression in their late 20s than ever before. “As they attempt to establish their status as adults, their environment sends them mixed messages: regardless of their professional or personal achievements, they are still considered by others to be ‘kids,’ especially before they marry and have children,” Zilca explains. The late 20s are when most people are truly cut free from educational ties and other environments that previously cocooned them. This can result in feelings of stress and depression. The Inc. article doesn’t discuss coping mechanisms, but if you’re in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, consider seeking help from a professional or trusted older friend.

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Did you have a quarter-life crisis?