What Really Goes on Behind the Scenes of Netflix's Queer Eye

'Queer Eye' cast

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Less than a month after Queer Eye, a reboot of the early-2000s makeover show, hit Netflix, it was already showing signs of becoming a cult series. The internet has been ablaze with unanswered fan theories and questions: Does Antoni Porowski actually cook? (His "highly suspect" guacamole suggests otherwise.) What's with Tan France's obsession with patterned shirts? And how does décor expert Bobby Berk manage a full home makeover in a matter of days? So naturally, when we got the opportunity to quiz Berk, we had questions—a lot of questions. Here, he sets the record straight about what it's really like to film the hit series.

Meet the Expert

Bobby Berk is an interior designer and reality television personality who stars in the Netflix series Queer Eye.

The Home Makeover Takes Just Three Days

Each episode is a week-long process, and Berk is given just three days to completely redecorate a contestant's home. "On Monday, we have production meetings and find out about the guy and his town. On Tuesday morning, we do the truck ride and meet the guy, and then at about 4 p.m., I get the first possession of the house," he tells MyDomaine. "I need to get everything done before the reveal at 9 a.m. on Friday."

The Fab Five Are Surprisingly Hands-on

"I design the whole thing and pick out the aesthetic and main furniture pieces," says Berk. Thankfully, he has a team on standby to oversee the installation. If it's a large makeover process, the team works through the night. 

A Lot of the Furniture Is West Elm

Given the tight time frame, Berk has to source furniture and home accessories quickly and says stores like West Elm are his go-to. "Luckily, I have a lot of great suppliers. West Elm even stocks extra stuff in its Atlanta store and lets us pull up with a U-Haul," he says. "We know everyone by name at IKEA in Atlanta, too!"

Contestants Keep Everything

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of being a contestant on the show is that they get to keep all the furniture and accessories Berk chooses. "We get asked that a lot, and, yes, they keep everything," he clarifies, even kitchen utensils and decorative items. 

Contestants' Favorite Home Store Is Walmart

Contestants are given a questionnaire before filming to offer hints about their personality and décor style. "They're asked about their favorite colors and so on, but when it comes to their favorite home décor store, I would say seven out of 10 say Walmart," says Berk. "The questionnaire doesn't give me much to work with."

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