The One Question That’s Holding You Back at Work

Whenever I sit down with a college student who is interested in a similar career path as my own and they ask me my biggest piece of work advice, I always have the same response: Be one person in your personal life and another person when you settle into your cubicle from Monday to Friday. Over the years, I've recognized the on-the-job qualities I appreciate in co-workers I admire and have learned to adapt those that fit in with my personality. Learning to be more assertive is one attribute that I found difficult to apply at first, so when Forbes published an article about how women are afraid to be bold in the workplace, I knew it was a must-read.

The article asserts that the one question holding women back in their career is Will they think I’m a bitch if I do this? And the answer is, it just shouldn’t matter. As women, we need to stop overthinking all of the emails we send, presentations we make, and phone calls we lead and just act however feels right to us. If we believe strongly in something, we should make that known. And guess what? Even if you come off as being a bit aggressive in the boardroom, at least your passion about the topic will be known to those around you. Start asking yourself How do I feel about this action? If you know it’s the best approach, then take it. The more you learn to trust yourself, the more others will trust you too. 

To read more about this topic, visit Forbes.

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What questions do you ask yourself at work? How are they holding you back?