Ask a Financial Adviser: 10 of Your Most Pressing Money Questions, Answered


Melodie Jeng/Getty Images; Original Graphic: Viviana Duron

Although Equal Pay Day was on April 10, we've been continuing the conversation all month long here on MyDomaine. From broaching the taboo topic of salary negotiations to putting money-saving apps to the test to shining a light on the "maternal wall," we've been gaining inspiration from trailblazing women and taking control of our finances. (Well, at the very least, we've gained the confidence to check our bank account more frequently—and that's something.)

To close out our month-long initiative of bringing you content about financial freedom, it only seemed fitting to have an expert answer all of your most pressing money questions. So we put out a call for submissions via our Instagram Stories, and as always, our insightful, hilarious, and curious community did not disappoint. Then, we took your questions and tapped money-savvy Kristin O'Keeffe Merrick, a financial advisor at O'Keeffe Financial Partners, to answer all your most urgent inquiries.

From how to get started in investing to whether or not you should be contributing to a 401(k), here are all the questions you DM'd us on Instagram, answered.