This Is What a Food Editor Actually Serves at a Dinner Party


Courtesy of Elettra Wiedemann

On a balmy summer evening last August, acclaimed food editor and author Elettra Wiedemann was gearing up to throw an idyllic farm-to-table dinner in the Hamptons with an intimate gathering of guests to celebrate her newly launched cookbook, Impatient Foodie. Every detail was in place to ensure the evening would unfold flawlessly. A slight ocean breeze, a breathtaking sunset, and the breathtakingly beautiful backyard of a picturesque Luxury Retreats property set the backdrop for this memorable soirée.

But here's the thing: Wiedemann has never been the type to slave for hours in the kitchen, no matter how extravagant the dinner party. After all, she built her name on the promise of fast and appetizing food in a time-starved world. So how did she approach her dinner party menu? We asked the food editor to share quick dinner party recipes from the evening—and a few other favorites from her cookbook—to prove that it is, in fact, possible to throw a dinner party when you don't actually have time to cook. Don't believe us? See for yourself—from simple crudités to Cool Whip hacks, Wiedemann shares invaluable advice for serving up a feast in a pinch.

And now, this is what it looks like when fashion girls throw a backyard dinner party.