What We Cook When We Don't Want to Cook Anything

Baby, it's hot outside. When the heat and humidity reach record-breaking status, the last thing we feel like doing is spending an evening slaving over a hot stove. Enter our favorite go-to recipes that require precious little prep time. These effortless eats can generally come together with ingredients you'll likely already have on hand. We polled our edit team to find out which recipes had them coming back for more even when they were running on empty. If you're working longer hours, forgot to go to the store, or just plain avoiding breaking a sweat in your kitchen—welcome to the easiest weekly lineup of dishes we can come up with. They come personally vetted by yours truly, so jump right in; the water's fine. In all seriousness, these recipes are about as complicated as boiling water. Instead of dropping your hard-earned cash at the deli case at Whole Foods, save it for a better time. We got you.