Why We Feel Uncomfortable Sharing the News of Rachel McAdams's "Reported" Baby

Updated 04/11/18
baby illustration
Stephanie DeAngelis

This morning, reports that Rachel McAdams gave birth to a son began circulating the internet, with both the media and the masses offering their congratulations. But rather than McAdams formally announcing the exciting news herself and, by extension, welcoming these well-intentioned sentiments, the news was confirmed via a clearly invasive paparazzi shot featuring an unaware McAdams and a blurred-out photo of her young child.

What’s more, McAdams made a point of staying out of the spotlight during the last nine months, never shared the news of her pregnancy with the world, and, by all intents and purposes, wanted to keep this intimate life milestone private. As a site that aims to support mothers, we believe that it is our duty to respect the privacy of all moms, famous or not. Unfortunately, McAdams is just one of the countless mothers in the spotlight who have forfeited the ability to share their news when, where, and how they choose, just by virtue of being famous.

While, of course, being a celebrity invites a certain level of public attention, we would rather support the privacy of mothers and families rather than inadvertently condoning the overreaching arm of paparazzi, especially when it comes to family matters. We hope that, in due time, McAdams will be able to breach the matter in a way that feels right for her and her family, rather than having to react to what was clearly an invasion of privacy.

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