Mom Truth—"I Had Ruby at 21, and I've Always Worked"

Motherhood is so uniquely individual it's near impossible to find a one-size-fits-all approach, and yet in those moments of struggle that challenge us, raise your hand if you too wished for a magical one-sheet that gave us all the answers. Yup, thought so. Well, rather than dreaming for the impossible, we decided to launch our own version with Her Domaine—a safe space for moms to share their story from the mistakes they've made to their morning rituals, all in the comfort of their own home. 

This month, we chat with Los Angeles–based model and mom to 12-year-old Ruby, Rachel Mortenson. The well-established model has worked with numerous big-name clients including GUESS and Yeezy Season 1. Modeling aside, she's also an interior design enthusiast. She was the creative behind the complete renovation of her 1963 California home, from start to finish, and even created a dedicated Instagram account to document the process.

Ahead, Mortenson shares her experience as a young mom (she had Ruby at 21) and how she carved a happy life for them both along with a successful career.