Inside Rachel Zoe’s Glamorous New L.A. Pop-Up

Just last week, celeb stylist and fashion designer Rachel Zoe opened her brand’s first retail space—a pop-up shop at The Grove in Los Angeles, which will be open through March 31. Naturally, the design of the space had to be glamorous, so to bring the space to life, she teamed up with online interior design platform Laurel & Wolf. Given that the pop-up wouldn’t be a permanent location, Laurel & Wolf designer Lucinda Pace could make the interiors more reflective of the current collection, rather than solely the brand aesthetic.

The designer tells us she wanted the interiors to reflect Zoe’s “unique and effortless” spirit, so “the direction was driven by clean whites and neutrals and minimalist accents.” She looked to Zoe’s latest collection, which is all about night-out style, for inspiration. “The space has a full spectrum of pieces that are comfortable yet sumptuous,” Pace says. “Her collection is sophisticated and fresh, and I think the interiors are best described in this way as well. The environment is clearly beautiful but laid-back and inviting.”

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