The Revolutionary New Technology That May Change the Way We Travel

These days, there are all sorts of new apps and technology upgrades that make traveling a more enjoyable activity. Allow us to introduce you to the latest: the smart suitcase. Money is reporting on a new smart luggage brand called Raden, which launched yesterday. The Raden suitcase can charge your phone, provide information about the length of lines at TSA, and alert you via Bluetooth when your bag is coming down the claim carousel. When you lift the Raden off the floor, it’s able to weigh itself, ensuring that you never have to pay for an overweight suitcase again. Cool, right?

The luggage startup was founded by 32-year-old Josh Udashkin, who consulted with experts from Tumi and received investments from high-profile people like Rachel Zoe. The 22-inch carry-on bag weighs 7.5 lbs and is made of durable Makrolon polycarbonate. The stylish suitcase has a removable compact battery that’s capable of charging a phone five times and is accessible from the outside. As with most startups, Raden has a sleek app with special features: It can help locate lost luggage and order an Uber. The carry-on costs $295 and is available in eight colors—including rose quartz and serenity. There is also a larger 28-inch checkable suitcase for $395 in the same colors. For those who travel frequently, this futuristic piece of luggage is a game-changer.

Order a sophisticated smart suitcase on Raden’s website now.

What do you think of the concept? Are you interested in smart traveling pieces?