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12 Raised Garden Bed Ideas to Try in Your Own Backyard

raised garden beds

Finding Lovely

Want to take your green thumb to the next level? There's no better way to do so than with a raised garden bed. Not only can this landscaping trend elevate your outdoor space, but it can also offer great drainage and a physical barrier from those pesky garden critters. Plus, if you're growing a variety of plants, flowers, or herbs, a raised garden bed can keep your greens orderly and aesthetically pleasing—think of it as the gardening equivalent to ASMR.

With various styles and materials to choose from, there's no one way to install a raised garden bed. To help, we've rounded up 12 gorgeous garden bed ideas, plus how to copy the look in your own outdoor space.

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Style a Sloped Backyard

tiered raised garden bed

Design: Andrew Mann Architecture and Christa Moné; Photo: David Wakely

As this flower-filled shot proves, raised garden beds can look good in any space—yes, even a sloped backyard. Christa Moné incorporated a series of descending beds to bridge the gap between the terrain below an outdoor pavilion designed by Andrew Mann Architecture.

Not only does this idea make the most of land that would otherwise be ignored, but it also offers an excellent view from every angle.

Want to take your tiered garden beds to the next level? Take a cue from Moné, who filled them with an array of colorful blooms.

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Keep it Classic

classic wood raised garden bed

Design: Katie Leede; Photo: Tim Street Porter

If you're looking for a raised garden bed that can withstand the test of time, opt for a classic wooden style. These raised beds "provide great structure for vegetable gardens," Katie Leede explains.

This versatile setup offers a blank canvas for your outdoor space so your greens can take center stage. If you want to recreate this polished look in your backyard, pick up a few uniform garden beds and get growing.

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Create a Divide

brick raised garden bed

Diana Elizabeth

Contrary to popular belief, a raised garden bed has more to offer than good looks. Don't believe us? Take a look at Diana Elizabeth's space.

Here, the blogger uses her raised garden beds to create a barrier between her covered patio and designated seating area. Plus, her brick bed is a perfect match for her home's facade. If you want to break up your backyard, a strategically placed garden bed will deliver.

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Pick a Portable Option

Small planters lined up in a wooden bed.

Shavonda Gardner

Just because you don't have a sprawling backyard doesn't mean you have to miss out on the raised garden bed trend. For her One Room Challenge, Shavonda Gardner placed several potted plants in a sleek, elevated bed.

Not only does this option have all the perks of a traditional raised garden bed, but it's also small enough for a balcony or deck. Plus, she can easily move her greens inside once the temperature drops.

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Mix and Match

raised garden beds

Finding Lovely

Why settle for one type of raised garden bed when you can enjoy a few? If your design taste skews more eclectic, check out this space, courtesy of Finding Lovely. The blogger incorporated a handful of garden bed styles into her backyard: a pyramid for her strawberries, trellises for her tomatoes, and classic wooden beds for her other greens.

In order to keep your garden cohesive and not chaotic, stick with one material to build your beds.

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Try It with Tiers

Tiered Raised Garden Bed

Anika's DIY Life

Want to bring your portable raised garden bed to new heights, literally? Anika of Anika's DIY Life decked out her outdoor space with a compact, tiered planter.

The extra bed offers plenty of space for additional greens, while the accompanying trellis is ideal for vines. Consider this raised bed idea a sign that it's finally time to add juicy tomatoes to your gardening repertoire.

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Add It to an Unconventional Nook

concrete shower bed

The Jungalow

Raised garden beds might typically be found in a backyard, however, Jungalow's Justina Blakeney cleverly added one to her outdoor shower area.

"We had the idea to create this built-in planter box as we used leftover tile for the floor in this outdoor shower, but didn’t have enough to cover the whole surface area," she explains. "So, we built this planter from cinderblocks and concrete from the Home Depot, and filled it with dracaenas to make our outdoor shower situation lusher.”

The concrete planter offsets her whimsical greens, plus it pairs nicely with her eye-catching mosaic tile.

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Wow with a Wonder Wall

Wall Raised Garden Beds

Lucy Wilcox

As this garden from Lucy Willcox proves, the only way to go is up. The British designer paired raised garden beds of varying heights with a floating shelf, complete with several potted plants. This idea refreshes the basic brick wall and draws the eye upward, making the enclosed outdoor space feel open, airy, and abundant.

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Make the Most with Metal

metal raised garden bed

Liz Marie Galvan

Though raised garden beds are typically made out of wood, Liz Marie Galvan proves metal is an equally suitable material. Here, the blogger upcycled a handful of stock tubs, transforming her backyard into a rustic, yet manicured space.

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Add a Seat

Raised Garden Bed With Seat

KML Design

On the hunt for a raised garden bed idea that's just as pretty as it is practical? Look no further. Australia-based landscape designer Kathleen Murphy added a seat to this setup.

Not only does this trick bring some warmth to this sleek style, but it also gives guests a place to stop and smell the roses.

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Flex Your DIY Muscle

DIY raised garden bed

Swoon Worthy

If you want to forgo the store-bought raised garden bed, take a cue from Kimberly Duran, who made this versatile style from scratch.

"Making your own raised bed planter is such a simple project," the founder of British blog Swoon Worthy explains. "I like the fact that making a DIY planter means you can easily adapt the size to whatever space you’re working with, paint it any color you like, and save so much money in comparison to buying it off-the-shelf."

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Fresh Up Your Front Yard

front yard raised garden bed

Design: Mindy Gayer; Photo: MStetson Design

More times than not, raised garden beds are placed behind the home. However, if you want to give your space some curb appeal, put them on full display in your front yard.

Designer Mindy Gayer flanked each side of the entryway with a raised garden bed. To recreate the look, opt for a stone-clad bed and fill it with some whimsical greens.