Have a Moment? These Reading Nook Ideas Take Minutes to Pull Together

Between the weather getting colder and the holiday break coming up, there's no doubt you'll be spending more time indoors than during warm summer months. While a Netflix binge is a perfectly acceptable rainy afternoon activity, there's something to be said about reading an actual book (or your Kindle, or even a magazine). Think about it: When was the last time you finished a book? How many half-read books are sitting on your nightstand? More importantly, how many unread books are on your Amazon wish list?

You don't have to wait until the new year to vow to finish at least one book a month. The question is: Do you have a perfectly cozy reading nook dedicated to flipping through the pages of the latest New York Times best seller? Just like new workout clothes can motivate you to hit a SoulCycle class, having a comfortable spot to hunker down during your time off is half the battle of getting some reading done. Take your reading wish list off the back burner—these reading nook ideas will make you want to dig in to the latest page-turner.

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