5 Phrases We Learned From Watching HGTV

We'll admit it: We're full-on HGTV addicts. From the cute twin brothers on Property Bros to the episodic anticipation of Love It or List it and sheer voyeurism of House Hunters, we get lost in epic marathons—and have learned a thing or two about industry jargon along the way. Whether you're a home and garden devotee like us, or a newbie to the wonderful world of real estate, we compiled a handy list of the trade terms used most frequently on just about every HGTV show ever. 

These terms can help you as a first-time home buyer—and feel free to reference this slideshow for a great drinking game the next time you tune into an HGTV weekend marathon: One sip every time someone says "sight lines"—go!

Click through to see the phrases that will have you sounding like a property pro in no time.