Real Estate's 10 Most Haunted Houses on the Market

We're all about getting in the Halloween spirit: ghoulish gatherings, pumpkin potlucks, crazy costumes--you name it, we're in. But our real estate contributor, Bungalux founder Alex Brunkhorst, has shared a selection of spooky spots that takes our love for all things otherworldly to the next level: ten homes that are wonderfully creepy to their core. Check out these houses that all embody the Halloween spirit-- some with nefarious pasts--and we dare you not to fall in love with them, ghosts and all. dh-bungalux-slide-title
  • Location: Lake Forest, Illinois
  • Price: $12,000,000
  • Listing type: Single family home
  • Beds/baths: 8/9.4
  • Year built: 1915
  • Haunted Past: For starters, both Laura and Charles Schweppe died inside the mansion. Then there's the window known as "Schweppe's window" that's always mysteriously clean. The story goes, Schweppe's ghost looks out the pane to see who's coming. Also, the servants supposedly still prepared meals for masters long dead in the home.
  • Bragging rights: Legend says Laura Schweppe hosted a crown prince and princess of Sweden. Edward, Duke of Windsor also stayed in the home.
  • Amazing amenity: Scottish heraldry on the walls of the library.
  • Professional opinion: This is one of the most notable houses on Chicago's North Shore. Incidentally, the incredible house had been vacant for nearly a half a century. Coincidence? You decide.
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Price: $4,888,000
  • Listing type: Single family home
  • Beds/baths: 4/5
  • Year built: 1927
  • Haunted Past: One of the home's previous owners, George Hill Hodel, was considered a prime suspect in the Black Dahlia murder case. Rumor (emphasis on rumor) has it that a dog recently sniffed out the scent of a decomposed human in the house.
  • Bragging rights: The unique Mayan style makes this a one-of-a-kind home in Los Angeles.
  • Amazing amenity: Water and fire features reflect designer Lloyd Wright's vision.
  • Professional opinion: Black Dahlia or not, I would live here. It's an LA icon.
  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Price: $9,950,000
  • Listing type: Single family home
  • Beds/baths: 5/5
  • Year built: 2002
  • Bragging rights: Most expensive clay flat-tile roof in the world, manufactured by Ludowici.
  • Amazing amenity: 1500 bottle wine cellar.
  • Professional opinion: There is definitely a gothic element to this guy, which is particularly interesting since it's on a golf course in Austin, Texas. I like that hint of the unexpected.
  • Location: Cornwall, Connecticut
  • Price: $8,850,000
  • Listing type: Single family home
  • Beds/baths: 7/7.3
  • Year built: 1920'S
  • Bragging rights: Many of the columns were collected from France and Italy by the original owners, Dr. Walton Martin and Charlotte Bronson Hunnewell.
  • Amazing amenity: 275 acres of land.
  • Professional opinion: I would have missed this absolute jewel if I wasn't doing research for this story, but now that I've found it, it's smack dab in the middle of my inspiration board. Calling Stephen King, we've found the setting for your next book.
  • Location: Fall River, Massachusetts
  • Price: $650,000
  • Listing type: Single family home
  • Beds/baths: 7/3.5
  • Year built: 1889
  • Haunted Past: Lizzie Borden's former house.
  • Bragging rights: Lizzie Borden lived out the rest of her life in this home.
  • Amazing amenity: Original parquet floors, tin ceilings, and mahogany moldings.
  • Professional opinion: This Victorian may not be a typical "Bungalux," but when Domaine asks me to think "Halloween," I couldn't overlook it.
  • Location: New Hartford, New York
  • Price: $750,000
  • Listing type: Single family home
  • Beds/baths: 9/7.3
  • Year built: 1928
  • Bragging rights: The home was constructed for $200,000 in 1928. That was a lot of money then. Now it's a car.
  • Amazing amenity: Completely renovated.
  • Professional opinion: When I spotted that main photo there was no way not to include this house on a Halloween list. The perfect house for haunting.
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Price: $910,000
  • Listing Type: Single family home
  • Beds/baths: 5/2.5
  • Year built: N/A
  • Bragging rights: Located right on Magazine Street, which offers a unique variety of shops, bars, restaurants, and people.
  • Amazing amenity: Original architectural details throughout.
  • Professional opinion: Maybe it's the fact I'm obsessed with American Horror Story: Coven, but what's a Halloween list without a great old New Orleans house on it?
  • Location: Charleston, South Carolina
  • Price: $18,800,000
  • Listing Type: Single family home
  • Beds/baths: 9/13
  • Year built: 1808
  • Bragging rights: Those famous gates.
  • Amazing amenity: That perfect South Carolina porch.
  • Professional opinion: There's something about Charleston that's so hauntingly beautiful for me, and this is one of the city's most famous historical estates.
  • Location: Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Price: $140,000,000
  • Listing type: Single family home
  • Beds/baths: 12/7.2
  • Year built: 1896
  • Bragging rights: Breathtaking lawns and gardens, including a 75 foot pool, greenhouses, and a grass tennis court with a viewing pergola.
  • Amazing amenity: Stone carriage house with a clock tower.
  • Professional opinion: I picked this one because when I think of Halloween houses, I think of places steeped in history. This house was long owned by the Lauder Greenway family. (Think Carnegie Steel fortune.)
  • Location: Tuxedo Park, New Jersey
  • Price: $2,950,000
  • Listing type: Single family home
  • Beds/baths: 8/6.1
  • Year built: 1928
  • Bragging rights: Stoneleigh Hall was designed by Frederick Foster, built for the parents of world-renowned interior decorator Dorothy Draper, and has hosted presidents, governors, senators and Hollywood celebrities over the years.
  • Amazing amenity: The property is constructed entirely of hand-cut stone.
  • Professional opinion: This is the perfect Halloween/fall house. It's the ideal spot to pen a horror novel!
bungalux Photographs: Courtesy Bungalux