The Most Common Reason People Quit a Job

Thinking about quitting your job? What’s driving you to make this decision? While some people might cite unfair bosses and unreasonable workloads, the real reasons people quit are more positive than you may think. Money is reporting on a new survey from LinkedIn in which over 10,000 people from around the world were asked why they quit their jobs. The most common cause? They didn’t have room to grow.

Of those surveyed, 45 percent said that there wasn’t room for advancement, and if they stuck around doing great work, they wouldn’t be promoted. The second most common reason (at 41 percent) was poor leadership, which proves that companies should spend time seeking out great leaders. Other quitters wanted a more positive work culture, more challenging work, better pay, and more recognition. If you’re seriously considering quitting your job due to one of the reasons listed above, ask yourself these six questions to decide whether you should stay or go.

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What was your reason for leaving your last job?