Here's Why Some People Cheat on Their Partners

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People cheat on their partners for many different reasons, most of which you'll never fully know or understand. Many, more than likely, do not understand their own motives for cheating. But whatever the reason, the consequences of an affair are always negative, and the harm it does to a relationship can be irreparable. Know this—whatever their reason for cheating, you are not responsible. Their bad behavior is about them, not about something you did or didn't do to or for them. Your main concern once you find out about the affair is to determine whether or not your relationship can survive the infidelity. Below is a list of some common reasons people have given that will help explain, to some extent, why people cheat on their partners.

They Are Addicted to Sex

Sexual addiction is about people who engage in sexual behaviors that are damaging to them and/or their families. These are hypersexual people who aren't satisfied with one sexual partner. They use sex as a coping mechanism for anxiety, depression, and other life problems. It only makes sense that a hypersexual person would be likely to go outside the marriage for sex. 

They Have Low Self-Esteem

Those who need to be stroked emotionally and physically (no pun intended) due to low self-esteem are likely to seek sex outside a committed relationship because they are a bottomless pit of need. No partner can be expected to keep up with the need these people have to be reassured of their worth. 

Cheating for the Sake of Cheating

It is a game to them and one they figure they might as well play as long as they can get away with it. This person has no concern for the pain their cheating will cause if they are caught. The thrill of cheating trumps the negative consequences of possibly being found out.

They Want to Feel That “New Love” Feeling

Once the marriage or relationship becomes comfortable, they go looking for the excitement of new love and lust.

They Grew up Watching Their Parents Cheat

You can also expect this person to have very little respect for people in general. Not only are they cheaters, these people are abusers, inconsiderate in relationships, and downright narcissists. 

Their Marriages Are in Trouble

If they aren’t getting what they want and need from their partner, they find someone to take over her role. Cheating is so much easier than dealing with the problems in their marriage—but that is never an excuse.

They're Punishing Their Partner

What better way to hurt someone who has hurt you than to replace them intimately? This is a passive aggressive maneuver, one used by a weak person without the fortitude to confront and solve problems in the relationship. 

Some Cheat Accidentally

They don’t go out looking for an affair, but get caught up in the moment and before they know it, they are in over their heads. Or between the sheets, as the case may be.

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