31 Reasons to Throw a Party (for No Reason at All)

Young woman in long, formal dress hold glass of sparkling beverage.
Courtesy of Brooke Testoni

In our opinion, there is an unfortunate misconception that a party must be held around a special occasion. A birthday, an engagement, or a holiday, are all great reasons why to throw a party. But we're also firm believers that you can have a celebration whenever you want, for whatever reason you want. To inspire you to get your host hat out, we rounded up 31 excuses to throw a party for no reason. So go ahead: Text your friends, pop the Champagne, plate the cheese, and have the most stylish affair around, simply because you can... and should!

Young stylish women holding cocktails around a bar.
  1. There is a full moon. Similarly, one astrologer tells MyDomaine that a full moon is also a great time to let go of whatever isn't serving your highest self.
  2. It’s Fashion Week.
  3. There’s a new episode of The Bachelorette on.
  4. It’s Friday. Or Saturday. Or Tuesday. Whatever day it is, you're craving some actual face time with the people you love most.
  5. Someone is moving away.
  6. Someone is moving back.
  7. Your sibling or friend wants to introduce you to their new significant other.
  8. You just got back from an amazing vacation and want to re-create some of the cuisine you tasted while traveling.
  9. An old friend you haven’t seen in forever is in town.
  10. Your best friend and their significant other just broke up. Nothing like a party to cheer them up!
  11. You bought the prettiest new tablecloth and want to test-run a tablescape idea you saved on Pinterest.
  12. Your apartment is finally decorated with that large-scale art piece you've been meaning to hang or those sconces you scored on sale.
  13. Your apartment is clean!
  14. Your first wine club shipment has arrived, and you want to attempt a few wine pairings, a la Martha Stewart's pairing tips.
  15. You were given a hefty gift card to Trader Joe’s.
  16. You’ve finally decided to quit your job/start your own business/travel the world.
  17. It’s your half birthday!
  18. You just realized Whole Foods sells oysters for only $1 on Fridays, and it’s Friday.
  19. You hit your goal of working out consistently this month.
  20. You tried something you've always wanted to do that you'd been hesitant to try before.
  21. Your college sports team is playing a rival, and the game is on TV. Let the snacking (we mean game) begin!
  22. You’ve finally mastered Julia Child’s beef bourguignon.
  23. You came across the most amazing vintage punch bowl and matching glasses at Goodwill.
  24. You feel like making fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and Southside cocktails.
  25. You’re having an exceptional hair day.
  26. You’ve harvested the last of your heirloom tomatoes.
  27. You got a raise, promotion, or more vacation time. Congrats!
  28. You worked to achieve something (you passed a test, finished occupational therapy school, or gave a presentation at work), and you nailed it. Or you didn't, but you know you gave it your best shot, and that is absolutely worth celebrating.
  29. You’ve taken a cocktail-making class and are eager to show off your new skills as a bartender.
  30. It’s the first rain or snow of the season.
  31. The flowers in your garden are blooming.
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