9 Negative Thoughts That Are Holding You Back From Success

If you find yourself negatively wondering why you’re not where you thought you were going to be at the age of, say, 31, you’re not alone. Lately I’ve been having the same sort of feelings. According to Lolly Daskal of Inc., this sort of thinking is stopping us from achieving success. “If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse,” she says. Daskal believes there are 13 common reasons why you are not as successful as you should be. Most of the problems are negative thoughts that are holding us back from reaching a full and prosperous potential self. Below are nine of the issues Daskal lists.

  1. You don’t believe in yourself. In order to succeed, you have to believe that you can and will succeed.
  2. You engage in negativity. Learn how to become a positive thinker—someone who sees an opportunity in every difficulty.
  3. You follow the path of least resistance. “Just because you aren't struggling doesn't mean you're succeeding. Every great success requires some kind of struggle. Remember, success won't come to you—you have to go out and make it happen,” explains Daskal.
  4. You’ve lost sight of your goals. Set your goals high and resolve not to stop until you’ve achieved them.
  5. You spend too much time sitting around. Laziness is the enemy!
  6. You are waiting for perfection. Nobody is perfect and nobody is rewarded for perfection. Rewards come to those who get things done.
  7. You are easily distracted. Daskal says that “distractions destroy actions.” Starve yourself from distraction in order to focus.
  8. You embrace your fears. Let go of your fears or face them full on and you’ll realize that success is on the other side.
  9. You hold on when you need to let go. Learn your lesson and move forward, embracing new challenges as you go. 

For the complete list of reasons why you might not be as successful as you should be, visit Inc. now.

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What is holding you back from success?