FYI: One Foodie Calls These the "Best Recipes for One Ever"

Cooking for one isn't always the most thrilling activity, but that doesn't mean you have to resort to ordering delivery tacos or eating cereal for dinner every day of your adult life. One foodie who knows this better than anyone is food blogger Sarah Tuck, who suddenly found herself an empty nester after her kids had gone to college and her husband left. Not ready to throw in the towel on her love for cooking, she rolled up her sleeves and wrote an entire cookbook sharing her journey of rediscovering her love of being in the kitchen.

Because we know how tempting it can be to not cook real food when no one is around to eat it, we asked Tuck to share a few delicious recipes for one that are perfect to whip up quickly or make ahead. From big batches of comfort food to quick and easy weekday dinners, these recipes for one will sustain you for the entire week. By cooking a mix of make-ahead dishes to freeze into individual portions with ready-made ingredients to quickly mix up into a meal, you'll make sure you always have something to eat no matter how little time you have. So turn up your favorite podcast, pour yourself a glass of wine, and give these delicious recipes for one a try.

And now, five easy potato soups for lazy winter days.