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20 Ways to Decorate With Red in Your Bathroom

red bathrooms

@winsome_home / Instagram

When it comes to bathrooms, we often see spaces rooted in blues, whites, and grays. Sure, these colors are classics for a reason and certainly are safe picks. But why not opt for something a bit different when designing your loo?

Bathrooms in particular are great spaces in which to experiment with color, due to their small size and the fact that they're easily concealed behind closed doors. One vibrant hue that we're absolutely loving in the bathroom lately? Red.

While unexpected, red truly makes a stylish statement, and it looks fabulous when paired with more traditional accent colors, like black, white, and gold. So grab a paintbrush, hang some red patterned wallpaper, or install a red vanity—no matter what you do, we're sure you'll love the bold effect.

If you need some further inspiration as you begin to plan out your own red bathroom, you've come to the right place. Read on to view images of 20 inspiring red bathrooms. There's something that truly appeals to every style: vintage-inspired, modern, name it.

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Groovy Bathroom

red bathrooms

@workerscottage / Instagram

Terrazzo is popping up everywhere! Play off specks of red present by painting the rest of the space in that bold hue. Complete with a disco ball on the ceiling, this bathroom is certainly full of life.

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Traditional and Bold

red bathrooms

@lichtenarchitects / Instagram

Traditional wallpaper shines in this powder room when combined with artful accents like a small, ornately framed landscape painting and beautiful brass sconces. A petite round mirror adds personality to the space—builder grade fixtures an be quite bland, so consider swapping them out and hanging a meaningful piece instead to ensure your bathroom truly reflects your taste.

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Retro Fun

red bathrooms

@home_ec_op / Instagram

This bathroom is groovy, baby! Pairing red, black, and white together can result in a chic, retro inspired look. We certainly wouldn't mind primping for a big night out in this space.

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Artful Additions

red bathrooms

@winsome_home / Instagram

Jazz up your red walls by adding artwork—lots of it! If you're a maximalist or just have a lot of great pieces to display, consider hanging a gallery wall in the bathroom. This one features lots of gold frames in various sizes, and the finish really pops against the bright wall color.

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Colorful Contrast

red bathrooms

Sarah Szwajkos Photography

Painting just the top half of a wall red can add an unexpected twist to any bathroom. This one features vintage elements that contrast with the bold paint wonderfully.

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A Touch of Whimsy

red bathrooms

Interior Impressions

Maybe you want to design a space that's a bit off the beaten path yet still classic looking overall. This red vanity fits the bill perfectly: It adds a bit of whimsy to the bathroom yet isn't too out of the box. We're all about a happy medium.

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Going Glam

red bathroom

@midmodernvictorian / Instagram

Another burgundy bathroom looks super glam with the inclusion of an ornate gold mirror. If your bathroom features a builder-grade mirror that's just so-so, swap it out for a piece that truly reflects your style and the aesthetic you wish to achieve. A seemingly basic transformation can really make a world of difference.

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Playful Patterns

red bathrooms

@jenamidesigns / Instagram

Patterned wallpaper once again shines in this bathroom. As stated before, powder rooms are great spaces to experiment with a bit of boldness due to their small size. Why not opt for a color or print you may not normally gravitate toward and have some fun?

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Antique Elements

red bathrooms

@the_great_house_exmoor / Instagram

If you have beadboard in your bathroom, why not paint it a vibrant hue? Red makes a splash in this space and is paired with antique-inspired wallpaper for a cheerful, grandmillennial esque look.

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Luxe and Lively

red bathrooms

Jamie Solomon for Kellie Burke

This ornate bathroom features red and yellow wallpaper that adds plenty of life to the space. Wallpaper is such a great way to tell a story and invite color into a room, whether it's large or small.

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Pretty and Petite

red bathrooms

Tony Soluri for Jessica Lagrange

An extra petite powder room feels like a secret oasis when coated with red paint and decorated with chic accents. Even if your loo is quite tiny, you can still jazz it up with thoughtful pieces that look stunning and also serve a purpose.

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Rad Sink

red bathrooms

SandKasl Imaging

We've never seen a sink like this one! Take the opportunity to make a utilitarian piece shine by opting for a sleek design that also happens to incorporate color.

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Powerful Paint

red bathrooms

@alberta.terrace / Instagram

Don't underestimate the power of a few coats of paint. If you're looking to revive your bathroom in just an afternoon, paint is the way to go. Red walls look wonderful when accented with brass pieces, like the mirror seen in this space.

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Statement Piece

red bathrooms

Lara Kimmerer

An old fashioned vanity stuns against a red wall. A vibrant solid color will always be an excellent backdrop for a statement piece like this one.

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Black, White, and Red All Over

red bathrooms

Sarah Szwajkos Photography

Just because your bathroom features stylish black and white checkerboard flooring doesn't mean that the pattern play has to end there! Take things to the next level by introducing some spirited wallpaper as well. The more prints, the merrier.

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Simple Scarlet

red bathrooms

@sophiebloomfield / Instagram

Red can be styled to look simple—just opt for minimal accessories and let the color do the talking.

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Dark and Dramatic

red bathrooms

@lavainteriors / Instagram

There are so many shades of red to choose from; if a cherry tomato hue isn't your cup of tea, consider opting for a rich burgundy. In this bathroom, a deep shade brings the drama.

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Lots of Cheer

red bathrooms

@thelewisdesigngroup / Instagram

Bring on the red, white, and gold! This cheerful powder bathroom is sure to make any guest smile.

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Bold Bathtub

red bathrooms

Elisa Baran

Move over, basic black and white is here to add energy to any bathroom. This space shows that even if you choose to keep your bathroom walls white, a little tile can go a long way in adding pizzazz to the space.

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Pouty Print

red bathrooms

MMB Studio

Lips are right on-brand for the bathroom (it's where we spend the most time on makeup, right?) This bold print stuns and adds a mod touch to this space, which is also equipped with a candy-apple-red vanity.