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8 Bedrooms That Prove Red Can Be Totally Chic

Wall with red paint

Studio Den Den

The color red is often used to express love, symbolize sexuality, and evoke energy. In Eastern cultures, such as China, red is the color for good luck. In Indian culture, it can symbolize happiness and is often used in wedding gowns.

But regardless of the history, there's no denying the hue is a versatile addition to any home décor project. Whether your decorating style is bold and modern or evokes old-world charm, there's a way to incorporate red into arguably the most important space in your home: your bedroom. "The color red gets such a bad rap for being difficult to decorate with. But red is such a sexy and lush color, especially in the bedroom. There are so many hues of red that can help create a sensual yet zen environment," says interior design firm K Shan Design.

Meet the Expert

K Shan Design is a Costa Mesa-based interior design firm specializing in décor that incorporates vintage, contemporary, eclectic, and classic styles.

Go with an orangey-red shade to bring tons of warmth to your space, or try a deep cherry red with blue undertones to strike a moody balance. Ahead are eight red bedrooms that will give you scarlet fever STAT.

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Try a Statement Wall

Bedroom with red wall

Siren Betty Design

Sometimes all you need is a single standout element to step up your entire home décor project. A red statement wall is a showpiece on its own—allow it to take center stage. Just be sure to highlight it with complementary neutrals.

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Pair Red and Pink

A bedroom with blush walls and a dark red bed frame

Anne Sage

Pairing shades of red with shades of pink is always a good idea. This color story runs the gamut from pale pinks to deep reds, and the end result is surprisingly serene. The painted ceiling makes the room feel even more intimate.

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Add a Red Rug


Alyssa Rosenheck

We've seen the white-on-white bedrooms that incorporate natural textures and evoke a serene, bohemian feel. The addition of electric red adds tons of interest and still boasts that hygge feel we all know and love. Plus, it brings tons of warmth to an otherwise stark room, perfect for colder months.

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Contrast Your Colors

colorful bedroom

House 9

The décor in this bedroom strikes an impeccable balance of two bold colors used in a big way. The blue walls, red headboard, and red linens play off each other without competing. To create the same cohesive color scheme in your own home, look for hues in similar shades and tones that contrast each other just right.

"Mixing reds with greens, blues, and whites can create quite a luxurious palette. If you're nervous about it, go for a red grasscloth wall covering or a lime-washed red paint to prevent going overly red," says K Shan Design.

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Use Red as a Neutral

Room with arches

Nikki With an Eye

Although technically a primary color, the red in this room works as a neutral. The burnt red pairs well with white and soft peach. Add in natural materials like wood and greenery to complete the look.

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Add a Red Duvet

simple bedroom

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

No matter what color your walls are or what your rug looks like, you can always play up any color using the right accessories. Shop for art pieces, linens, books, knickknacks, and pillow shams in shades of red to transform your entire room on a budget.

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Consider a Red Headboard

A room with a bright red bed frame and gray linens

Katie Hackworth

Want to add a pop of color to liven up a kid's room without committing to painted walls? Add a red headboard! Paired with neutral linens and white walls, it's the perfect fun accent that still feels traditional.

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Paint Your Walls

Wall with red paint

Studio Den Den

There's nothing like a deep shade of red to make you want to cozy up and stay in bed all day. This minimalist-meets-maximalist approach to monochromatic decorating is bedroom décor done right. The rich crimson walls look even more opulent when paired with an equally moody headboard. The addition of ivory linens breaks up the heavy dose of red tones.

"If you went boldly ablaze like Mr. Big's fiercely bright red wall [in Sex and the City], try adding in some earth elements, like wood and rattan, to help offset the intensity," K Shan Design says.