I Flew a Red Eye for the First Time—Here's What Helped Me Sleep

It's actually hard to believe that I was 38-years-old before embarking on my first red-eye. I'd heard about the concept, obviously, but since I'm not a great flyer to begin with (cramped spaces with minimal leg room aren't really my vibe), I decided early on that sleeping should be spent horizontal not upright in a seat without padding. I generally avoided red-eyes, and I think you can agree I'd been pretty successful at that, until now. 

A few months ago, I was booked to moderate a panel at the High Point Market design show in North Carolina, and the only flight available was a red-eye from LAX. Since the panel was being held a few hours after I landed, I knew I needed to be fresh and mentally aware to moderate. Knowing I don't sleep well on planes, I immediately took to our Facebook group, the Beauty Line, for some foolproof remedies and red-eye flight essentials to help me sleep, and our readers definitely delivered. 

While there were several recommendations for prescription drugs, I didn't want to land feeling groggy, so I decided against that. Keep reading to learn of the products and essentials I used on a red-eye to help me sleep, and look out for one word that kept coming up repeatedly throughout: cocoon.