Your Love of Red Wine May Make You Healthier, Says Science

As it turns out, your post-work snack of red wine and grapes could be helping you live longer. These two snacks, in addition to turmeric and pomegranate, have emerged as the leading natural treatments that assist in the highly important autophaging process, according to Nobel Prize–winning cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi.

Autophaging, or the process our cells undergo in order to recycle and break down waste, plays a key role in "health, disease, and aging," writes The Guardian. Slowed autophaging is a natural part of growing older, and can lead to wrinkles, hearing loss, or even cancer in some. Scientists have long been researching how to manually stimulate autophagy, which would prevent or even reverse the effects of aging, but have only tested this idea on mice thus far (to positive results). 

In the mean time, snacking on grapes, pomegranate seeds, turmeric, and/or red wine (we love this red blend from Dark Horse) can aid in your body's autophaging process, however minimally. "Lots of natural compounds have been tested in fruit flies, mice and test tubes, but we still don’t know for certain what works in humans and what amounts are needed," writes The Guardian, quoting Ioannis Nezis, an associate professor at the University of Warwick. These four foods reportedly look hopeful, but in very large amounts. Nezis does mention that supplements containing distilled concentrates of the active molecules in these substances could be helpful and more palatable. 

Would you consider adding these snacks to your diet? Share your thoughts on the research below.