People Are Losing It Over This Red Wine Brownie Recipe

The best ideas are so startlingly obvious they beg the question: Why didn't I think of that? The internet is having this collective reaction to a viral recipe that combines two nearly universally loved flavors: chocolate and red wine.

Yes, let us introduce you to your new favorite comfort food, red wine brownies with drunken cranberries. The recipe is the genius creation of Amanda Powel of A Cookie Named Desire.

"I was first inspired to make red wine brownies when I encountered brownies made with powdered red wine skins," she explains on her website. "I thought it would be even better to make my brownies with actual wine because real wine is always better. I decided to re-plump my cranberries in the wine to intensify the wine flavor and give you a nice burst of flavor when you bite down." And just like that, she created the mouthwatering recipe that's causing mass internet hysteria.

The recipe calls for cranberries to be soaked in a red wine for 30 minutes before being added to a simple brownie mixture, HelloGiggles reports. If you're concerned about not having enough wine left over after baking, she's got you covered. "To spare you the agony of the thought of using all your wine in your food, rest assured, this recipe only calls for 3/4 cup of red wine. Phew! The rest you can enjoy while you wait for your brownies to finish baking." Excellent.

After baking the brownies for 40 to 50 minutes, you're left with mouthwateringly indulgent morsels that are fudgy with a "crisp, slightly chewy top," a robust wine flavor, and the juicy burst of soaked cranberries. "This is basically the perfect brownie for adults. You need to make these brownies," she says. That's an order we're happy to follow.