The One Thing That Will Greatly Reduce Stress at Work

Does work stress you out? You’re not alone. According to a recent Forbes article, “workplace stress may contribute to over 120,000 deaths each year. Anxiety about employment could potentially kill more Americans than diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or the flu every year.” That’s a staggering figure, but not too many people are focused on curing workplace stress. “We tend to think of stress reduction as something big we need to do or large feat to be achieved, often waiting until the end of the day to try to relax, which becomes impossible,” writes author Kathy Caprino. However, there is one simple thing Caprino says we can all do on a daily basis that will drastically reduce stress. What is it? Take a break. “Taking short breaks in the day can affect our productivity, concentration, memory, energy level, sleep, well-being, and stress levels.” To ensure that you take at least two breaks a day, set a timer on your phone. During your break, which only has to be 3-5 minutes, count your breath or use a meditation app (I use 1 Giant Mind) to guide you through a short relaxation sequence. Make these breaks a regular part of your everyday life and you’ll enjoy the lasting effects of stress reduction.

While you take a break, reduce stress even more with Chinese stress balls.  

Do you take frequent breaks while at work?