Why Reese Witherspoon's Trainer Says Sleep Is More Important Than Working Out

Updated 10/17/17
Frazer Harrison /Getty Images

Even if you truly enjoy working out it, it can be tough to motivate yourself to make it to the gym after a long day. But if you're one to squeeze in a workout no matter what the cost, it may be time to prioritize rest over exercise. Reese Witherspoon's trainer Ashley Borden suggests that sleep is more important than exercise, MindBodyGreen reports.

"I always tell my clients that I would rather them get sleep instead of working out on four hours of sleep," Borden says. That's because the body needs between seven-and-a-half to eight hours of sleep to repair itself and regulate inflammation, she explains.

Not getting enough sleep also affects the body's metabolic process, as lack of sleep produces a higher amount of cortisol (an inflammatory stress hormone). "Cortisol has its time and place in our bodies, but not a night. Cortisol heightens our alertness, the last thing we need when we crave sleep," she says.

In addition to Witherspoon, Borden trains actors like Ryan Gosling and is a part of Khloe Kardashian's show "Revenge Body," so she knows a thing or two about what's best for your health when you're working with a crazy schedule. Take her advice and make sure you catch enough zzz's before committing to an intense workout.

Head to Mind Body Green for the full story and read about the fitness line we created in partnership with Target, Joy Lab, next.

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