How 2 Working Moms Turned Their Love of Wine Into a Booming Business

In college, a psychology professor told Regan Kelaher that 90% of her class would end up in middle management. At the time, Kelaher knew she would be part of the 10% that found another path. However, after celebrating her 10-year anniversary as a project manager for Kaiser Permanente, Kelaher realized she had become the 90% that she never wanted to be.

"I've since emailed and thanked that professor," Kelaher tells MyDomaine. Around the time she had this epiphany, Kelaher discussed changing her career path with a close friend, Shannon Zappala, over wine (naturally). Zappala was a stay-at-home mom at the time, having left a career in the financial services industry when her daughter was born. Both itching for a change of pace, it wasn't long before the two began brainstorming business ideas and plotting to start their own company, Goverre.

In this installment of Second Life, a series in which we spotlight women who've made major career changes, we catch up with Kelaher and Zappala about their decision to leave their comfortable lives for the startup world, how they came up with their big idea for a modern to-go wineglass, and what they learned along the way.