5 Easy Ways to Add Regencycore Style to Your Home

A vintage inspired sitting area with floral wallpaper.

Design: Katie Martinez, Photo: Malcolm Brown

Watching Bridgerton over and over again? You’re not alone. The period drama may be largely known for its risqué romance, but we have to say that we’ve been paying close attention to the design elements featured in the show, too.

This overall aesthetic has come to be known as “Regencycore," paying homage to the Regency Era in the United Kingdom during which Queen Charlotte reigned. The look is over the top, according to designer Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski, yet herself and other designers love the way Regencycore embraces color, pattern repetition, and gilded accents.

We love the way 'Regencycore' embraces color, pattern repetition, and gilded accents.

Adds designer Elizabeth Stamos, “I’m pretty sure that any lover of antiques owns something from the Louis XVI era, which is similar to the opulence of Bridgeton. It’s a love of classic French architecture and design.”

If you're looking to invoke some Regencycore elements into your own space, designer Michelle Gage explains, “It’s all about taking small nods from the style and pairing it with more modern pieces.” This combination of antique and modern makes for a timeless home.

Below are some simple steps that will get your space looking like the Featherington’s house in no time. 

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Start From Above

“Almost any living or dining space would benefit from a vintage crystal chandelier. Depending on your home’s current style, it could either work with what you’ve got going on or provide some much needed contrast to the room.” —Michelle Gage

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Go Antiquing

Traditional dining room space.

Kaelyn Guerin

“Classic and antique furniture will go a long way to helping you achieve the Regencycore style. Specifically, look for antique cabriole legs, marquetry, or golden appliques like escutcheons, rosettes, and onlays.” —Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski

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Try New Seating

Sitting room with leather loveseat and vintage art.

Erin Williamson

“I love French settees as an alternative to a loveseat. They’re often smaller than sofas, but they can add an air of elegance. They are so beautiful and can be used in so many different ways: modernized with a fun pattern upholstery, or even used in a more classic, casual farmhouse style upholstered in linen. If you don’t have space for this, you can easily throw in a classic bergère chair.” —Elizabeth Stamos

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Opt For Ornate

“Score yourself an ornate gold vintage mirror or framed piece of art. This over-the-top look instantly becomes the room’s focal point. Hang your vintage treasure over your fireplace and you’re practically royalty.” —Michelle Gage

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Or Try This Budget-Friendly Hack

Sitting room with curved sofa and large oil painting.

Ashley Montgomery Design

“Regencycore style incorporates large, often moody oil paintings depicting pastoral scenes, portraiture and still life, usually in elaborately gilded frames. Many prints shops right now offer vintage paintings reminiscent of the style. We recommend scoping out ornate frames at your local thrift shop and using gold spray paint to take it to the next level.” —Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski