12 Items an Energy Healer Says Should Be in Your Bedroom

My neighbor is a life coach, and recently we were catching up after walking our dogs. When I ducked into my closet to grab a jacket, he took a hard look at my liberal approach to organization: leather and denim stacked haphazardly, an odd kimono strewn with arms akimbo on a pile of laundry, shoes everywhere. Aghast, he asked, “Is it always like this?” To my naive “Like what?” retort, he offered, “Oh honey, this is a root chakra problem.”

Could one’s personal space subconsciously influence mood? I immediately consulted reiki master (and my sister) Jenni Finley to catch up on all things root chakra related. As an energy healer, she emphasized the power of setting subconscious cues throughout a room as reminders of how to feel and think.

“Every time you look around a space, you get subconscious messages. Everything on the planet needs to be replenished and cleared in some way. The ocean is continually withdrawing and reshaping itself. All things in nature reach an apex, experience birth, death, and renewal. That’s the way energy is. Sometimes it needs to be cleared and released.” Keep scrolling for her must-haves for generating positive energy and creating sacred space within the home.