Here's What Your Political Preference Says About You

How well do you know your S.O.? You might think you're aware of all their quirks and hidden traits, from annoying habits to weird phobias, but a new Zola study suggests there's one taboo topic that could be a dating deal breaker: their political preference.

Dating while debating has never been as complicated as in 2016, and it turns out that your vote could have an unexpected impact on your relationship. Zola surveyed over 800 just-married or engaged couples to find out how many would consider ending their relationship if they discovered their partner had opposing political views. Are you on team Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Here's what it could mean for your relationship:


Democrats who discover their partner supports Donald Trump are in for trouble. When asked if they would marry a Trump supporter, a massive 93% said, "No! Are you insane?" Thankfully, 87% of those surveyed believe their partner holds their same political views.


Republicans are more flexible than Democrats and are okay marrying a Clinton supporter: 59% said it didn't bother them and that "love knows no bounds."


Independents were asked both questions, and it seems many lean left: 60% said they would break up with a Trump supporter while only 23% said voting for Clinton was a deal breaker.

Would you reconsider your relationship if you discovered your S.O. didn't share your political views?