The 4 Most Common Mistakes People Make in Relationships

Relationships can end for a multitude of reasons. And while sometimes they end for the right ones, oftentimes they don’t. Relationships are complex, textured, and nuanced, and they can be thrown into chaos by the smallest of mistakes. To help you avoid making these mistakes in the future, Business Insider decided to explore the most common mistakes people make. So if you want to avoid future heartbreak, keep reading.

Don’t distance yourself. Putting space between you and your partner is a common defense mechanism when someone is afraid of getting hurt. But what ends up happening is the distance created inadvertently leads to heartbreak.

Don’t be sketchy with money. According to a recent poll, “nearly two in five Americans said they've lied to their partner about money.” That kind of insecurity about one's finances is indicative of a larger insecurity in the relationship, and it can poison any future plans to combine finances and plan a life together.

Don’t fall in love with the idea of love. According to psychologist Robert Firestone, a “fantasy bond” is when someone replaces “genuine feelings of love and passion with the idea of being a couple.” This can hinder honest communication, as couples instead fall into meaningless routines.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. According to Firestone's daughter, Lisa, also a psychologist, couples that share new experiences are more likely to be happy. That can mean anything from going for an adventurous meal instead of your favorite restaurant, or trying rock climbing together instead of your regular routine at the gym. Keep it fresh!

For more common mistakes people make in relationships visit Business Insider. Then, unlock all the relationship rules with a copy of Understanding Men, and let us know if you have any relationship rules that you live by.