Experts Say a Performance Review Could Save Your Relationship

We're used to the concept of performance reviews when it comes to our jobs, but what if someone told you this could be the secret to saving your relationship? Would you want your partner to give you a formal evaluation? According to The Wall Street Journal report, marriage therapists and relationship researchers suggest "spouses and romantic partners complete periodic performance reviews." But before you start shaking your head, let's see what this partner performance review actually entails. Psychologists believe couples should schedule regular times each week to "evaluate and review their relationship together" and "recognize what is and isn’t working." Once you establish these, you can set goals for areas that need improvement before the problems become irresolvable. James Cordova, professor of psychology and director of the Center for Couples and Family Research at Clark University, in Worcester, Mass told The Wall Street Journal; “It’s the relationship equivalent of the six-month dental checkup." 

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Do you think a partner performance review each week is a good idea? Are weekly reviews achievable? What are your tips for keeping the spark alive in a long term relationship? Let us know in the comments.