5 Valuable Self-Care Habits Every Single Girl Should Do

Conversations about dating usually center on the elusive person you're hoping to meet, but according to Yvonne Williams Casaus, counselor and author of A Drop of Water, the most important person to focus on isn't your future S.O.—it's you. "Our self-worth and self-esteem definitely influence the kind of people we attract into our lives," she tells MyDomaine. 

Drawing on her experience as a clinical mental health counselor, Casaus notes subtle self-sabotaging behavior can have a real impact on your relationships. "If we do not think of ourselves as good enough or worthy, we are more likely to settle for less than we deserve," she says.  

If you're unsure whether your habits might be holding you back from a healthy relationship, Casaus says to ask yourself one simple question: Are you the kind of person you want to attract? "When you are good to yourself, you set the standard on how others should treat you," she says. "Like-minded people will want to be around you."

Follow her five tips to understand yourself better and attract positive people into your life. 

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