Sweet Dreams—8 Relaxing Bedroom Colors to Help You Wind Down

Relaxing Bedroom Colors
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When life runs at 1000 miles per hour, it can be hard to get your brain to shut down. Thoughts of looming to-do list items, an overflowing inbox, world politics anxiety, and interpersonal conflicts replayed in your mind ad infinitum can keep you up at night longer than it would take to cross the Atlantic ocean. If you're finding it hard to wind down at the end of a stressful day, there are things you can do to your bedroom to help you de-stress.

We've spoken at length about removing electronics from your room, investing in blackout blinds, and de-cluttering as bedroom improvements that can put you in a more relaxed and clear-headed mind-set, but did you know the colors you introduce in your bedroom can also have an effect on your ability to relax?

"Pick neutral colors when painting large walls to not overstimulate the energy when you are sleeping," feng shui expert Laura Cerrano told MyDomaine. "This could include beiges, cream colors, and earth tones. You could even include some cool blue tones."

Interior designers we spoke to also had their own set of rules when it came to relaxing bedroom colors. "For clients interested in calm, tranquil bedrooms, I'm quick to suggest a blue-gray, celery tones, or a layering of white paint with all white furniture and linens," suggested interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn.

For interior designer Kimberly Ayres, it was all about serene and happy colors: "Go for soft color combinations, like duck-egg blue and champagne, and then add a mix of fresh patterns," she recommended.

Want to create your own serene sanctuary? Here are the best relaxing bedroom colors to try.


Benjamin Moore Casual $35

One of Behr's trending colors for 2018 is a light French blue with a hint of gray. It's the perfect darker relaxing bedroom color for a room with low natural light.

Benjamin Moore Dreamy Cloud $37

Benjamin Moore's Dreamy Cloud is another trendy color for 2018. This light lavender gray is a beautiful relaxing chameleon color that works well in any room and changes with the surrounding light.


Benjamin Moore Nurturing $32

Behr's Nurturing is a deep celery green that would look beautiful in a moodier setting, especially if paired with lighter celery tones and white.

Benjamin Moore Moonshine $37

In the lighter, more neutral camp, Benjamin Moore's Moonshine is a gray tone with hints of green—the perfect lightly hued neutral for a relaxing bedroom.

White on White

Sherwin Williams Shell White $37

It's not uncommon for paint brands to have white tones in their yearly trend report—and this year's whites were on the warmer, darker side with beige undertones. Case in point: this beautiful shell white by Sherwin-Williams

Benjamin Moore White Opulence $37

Slightly lighter in tone, Benjamin Moore's White Opulence would work wonderfully in a light-filled bedroom to create a calming glow.


Benjamin Moore Kombucha $32

On the darker side of champagne hues, Behr's Kombucha would create a rich relaxing backdrop for a darker room filled with other warm neutral tones.

Benjamin Moore Alluring White $37

If going dark feels intimidating, this lighter champagne hue from Sherwin-Williams would work wonders in a light-filled bedroom, especially if mixed with similar hues.

Next up: the bedroom paint colors every pro uses.

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