The Essentials for a Serene Master Bedroom Retreat

Q. How can I make sure my master bedroom is a relaxing escape? For me, the master bedroom is the pièce de résistance of any home. Think: luxe living and complete comfort. Where you sleep should be the pinnacle of relaxation, as well as a sanctuary for you away from your hectic life. By incorporating luxurious materials, accessories, and key lighting pieces, you can transform your bedroom into a beautiful, serene oasis.


Luxurious Linens: The bed itself automatically becomes the major focal point of the space so it should be both interesting and practical. I love beds that are plush and layered in order to create a sense of ultimate luxury. I suggest white linens with fine detailed borders to capture the elegance of simplicity. Cozy throws and soft blankets are wonderful additions to your bed and essential for protecting against any midnight drafts.

Ample Seating: Having any form of additional seating in your master creates a more dynamic sense of space where you can enjoy alone time away from the main social areas in your home. I love a chaise at the foot of the bed, or if you're short on space, opt for a pair of benches.

Focused Lighting: Lighting is paramount so invest in oversized table lamps to flank either side of your bed, creating drama and interest while remaining practical. If you share your bed, separate adjustable reading lights will allow for additional, focused lighting without bothering your partner.

Key Accessories: A decorative wooden tray, layered with delectable objects and candles on the edge of the bed is a must for me because it epitomizes indulgence and relaxation (and pays homage to a spa).

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Photograph: Eric Piasecki