Want to Work Remotely? Consider One of These 14 Careers

Telecommuting is a bourgeoning corner of the job market. From tech positions to ghostwriting, a plethora of opportunities awaits across the World Wide Web. If you dream of escaping the grind of a 9-to-5 and working from just about anywhere, check out this list of viable vocations. Keep scrolling to uncover what roles are currently in high demand. 

A Web Research Evaluator

Web companies employ evaluators to search and analyze data and search results for an array of topics. Depending on the client, the role may require knowledge of a specific subject area or demographic.

A Freelance Web Content Writer

From ghostwriting to drafting product descriptions and expert guides, there is a steady stream of demand from websites looking for informative copy and content management. In-house editors oversee a contributor network while writers work independently. Openings include writing a diverse range of material, from fashion to technology and travel. 

A Tax Accountant

As Ben Franklin once noted, nothing in life is certain, except death and taxes. April and October are high seasons for federal, state, and local tax returns. Professionals are constantly in demand to advise clients on how to maximize tax liability and comply with various requirements. 

An Online Teacher

Certified teachers are in demand for an eclectic range of online courses and virtual teaching programs. The workload is essentially the same, with the exception that lesson plans and office hours take place via video conference, email, phone, and web presentation. 

A Customer Service Agent

Customer support and account management deliver a wide range of positions, from brand liaisons to problem-solvers. Most customer service representatives are based remotely, greeting customers, and facilitating with orders, refunds, exchanges, and general troubleshooting. 

A Computer Programmer

The number of computer programmers nationwide is set to expand exponentially in the next few years. Prerequisites for this job (which can be done from anywhere) include a sturdy knowledge of various computer program languages and, usually, a bachelor’s degree in computer science. 

An Art Director

Design experts in everything from graphics to styling are needed to produce content across multiple platforms. From assembling a lookbook to catalog creation and e-commerce design, the visual design integrity of a brand will position strategic public relations and marketing to a brand’s unique client base. The essential duties include maximizing resources and serving as a liaison to key consumers. 

A Technical Support Assistant

Delivering service and support via remote connection to phone and computer software, a go-to wizard is required at virtually every technology brand. If you can interact with customers and evaluate and analyze troubleshooting inquiries, the research and procedures are largely off-site endeavors. 

A Digital Marketer

Develop, implement, and track digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels. From identifying trends and insights to measuring report performance, the job requires brainstorming new growth opportunities and evaluating emerging technologies. 

A Social Media Manager

Overseeing multiple social media platforms for a brand requires an intuitive understudying of the brand voice and aesthetic. For those who can get a handle on the intangibles of the job, the task at hand is solid vibe curation. 

A Sales Representative 

Many retailers and software and hardware companies employ representatives to sell specific products and services to consumers over the phone or online. Explaining features, discussing warranties, and processing orders lie among the chief responsibilities. 

A Translator 

Facilitating effective communication by two parties is a valuable commodity in any market. From conferences and meetings to written materials, there exists an ever-growing demand for proficient individuals to mediate assignments both electronically and in person. 

A Travel Agent

From personal bookings to corporate events, travel planners handle the mode of transportation, travel dates, and accommodations for all manner of occasions—all easily maneuvered and overseen from a variety of locales. 

An Event Planner

Love to throw parties or meetings? Coordinate every detail for everything from corporate retreats to bridal showers from the comfort of your own abode. Of course, the occasional site visit is required for narrowing down the best locations. On the other hand, selecting catering, booking musicians, finding bartenders, and monitoring timelines are all more than possible from the comfort of just about anywhere. 

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