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Trend to Try: 13 Removable Wallpaper Designs to Make Any Space Look Stylish

EHD—Removable Wallpaper

Ryan Liebe; DESIGN; Emily Henderson Design

For the most part, transforming an empty room into one with enviable space takes time. It requires patience to figure out a color scheme, thought to pick out furniture, and consideration to account for the details. As much as we'd like to throw a room together in a few hours, we know it could never look perfect, unless we spent days (maybe even weeks) slowly curating a unified space.

Allow us to introduce you to one item that can completely transform an entire room, but due to its easy-to-apply (and even easier-to-remove) nature, can do so on a single Sunday spent at home. Removable wallpaper has become increasingly popular in recent years with endless color schemes, graphics, and finishes to choose from. Simply place the panels to give a plain wall tons of visual interest, without having to invest in and hang a handful of expensive art pieces. And when you get bored with your trendy print, that's not a problem, either. Naturally, removable wallpaper can be taken down just as quickly (if not, quicker) than it went up.

If you're looking to give a room transformative style with little time and effort, we found 13 removable wallpaper designs that'll give your space the exclamation point it needs. And since this list will probably save you plenty of time in design research and execution, that just your space will come together that much faster.

Snapdragon Wallpaper

Snapdrago—Removable Wallpaper
Mitchell Black Snapdragon Wallpaper $59.00

This vintage-inspired wallpaper has a peach coloring that can brighten any space, but we think it would look especially welcoming in a living room or office space. 

Hatch Wallpaper

Hatch—Removable Wallpaper
Anthropologie Hatch Wallpaper $150.00

This hatch design has become a popular graphic for bathroom tile work, but if a full-on renovation is outside your budget, consider this wallpaper for your powder room. 

Malibu Wallpaper

Malibu—Removable Wallpaper
Anthropologie Malibu Wallpaper $150.00

This blue-and-white wallpaper has all the designs of an endless summer—given its print of sunglasses, surfboards, and palm trees—and such a sunny graphic should be put in a place that'll make you smile year-round. Our vote? The laundry room. 

Starburst Tile Wallpaper

Starburst—Removable Wallpaper
Chasing Paper Starburst Tile $40.00

This bold teal graphic helps to define an entryway from the rest of a living space—and give all of your guests a bold entrance. Use it on one wall, or cover a landing area. 

Whirling Sky Wallpaper

Whirling—Removable Wallpaper
Chasing Paper Whirling Sky $40.00

A minimalist home could use a bold print like this one to give a small space some unexpected punch. While we like the idea of putting this in a kitchen nook, a powder room would work, too. 

Peaches Wallpaper

Peach—Removable Wallpaper
Urban Outfitters Peaches Wallpaper $50.00

If you're someone who loves the fresh bounty of a farmers market, perhaps it's worth it to consider the peach print of this removable wallpaper. Put it on the back of kitchen cabinets for a fun mix of color. 

Constellations Wallpaper

Constellations—Removable Wallpaper
Urban Outfitters Constellations Wallpaper $50.00

A kid's room would look adorable covered in this constellations print. Add in some twinkling lights to create one dreamy design. 

Cara Wallpaper

Cara—Removable Wallpaper
Urban Outfitters Cara Wallpaper $50.00

The throwback floral design of this removable wallpaper is a solid choice for those who gravitate toward more bohemian sensibilities. Pair it with leather accents, and it'll look laid-back and fun.

Vantage Point Wallpaper

Vantage—Removable Wallpaper
Anthropologie Magnolia Home Vantage Point Wallpaper $90.00

Give a mid-century sofa a background reminiscent of the era with this wallpaper. Keep the rest of the details subtle, and the space will look effortlessly cool.

Arrowhead Deep Blue Wallpaper

Arrowhead—Removable Wallpaper
Amazon Arrowhead Deep Blue Wallpaper $35.00

If you're interested in bold prints like this one, remember that you don't have to use removable wallpaper strictly on the walls. Something like this would look great inside a bookcase, or in a frame. 

Miyuki Wallpaper 

Miyuki—Removable Wallpaper
Anthropologie Miyuki Wallpaper $100.00

Give your bedroom a hint of sophisticated glamour with this gold print, which would look great as an accent wall behind a bed. Pair it with neutrals or blush shades, and this will be a space that you'll look forward to retreating to every night. 

Hopscotch Wallpaper

Hopscotch—Removable Wallpaper
Anthropologie Magnolia Home Hopscotch Wallpaper $100.00

Dining rooms can be a tough space to design, but this graphic print is the perfect starting point. Pair it with wainscoting, and it'll be a fresh, yet traditional place to throw a dinner party. 

Animal Print Wallpaper

Animal Print—Removable Wallpaper
Urban Outfitters Animal Print Wallpaper $50.00

Take risks within the small space of your powder room and cover it with this animal print wallpaper. Add in metal sconces and drawer pulls for a dramatic look.