How a Red Carpet Host Stays Calm and Centered Before the Emmys

Renee Bargh Morning Routine
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The prospect of interviewing the most famous, well-respected actors in the world in front of millions of viewers might seem like a daunting task, but for Extra TV host Renee Bargh, it's just another day on the job. This year marks Bargh's eighth Primetime Emmy Awards. "It doesn't stress me out anymore—I actually get excited!" the Australian-born host tells us on a call from her home in L.A. "The vibes and energy on the red carpet are great. Celebs are happy and nervous and excited to celebrate with their peers. It's my favorite thing to cover."

Bargh exudes a sense of confidence and ease on- and off-camera, but she admits that hasn't always been the case. "I used to be a pretty highly anxious person in general, and I notice when I [skip] my meditation, which can happen when I'm busy, I go back to being a little bit nervous." Perhaps for that reason, Bargh has developed a well-honed morning routine that helps her stay centered and present, especially on Emmy day. In the mix: transcendental meditation to find focus, a smoothie packed with "crazy herbs" to fuel her body, and a grounding trip to the beach to put life in perspective. Here's how a red carpet host makes the most of her morning before a big event.


"The first thing I do when I get up is wash my face or have a quick shower to wake me up so I'm not in a half-sleep phase," says Bargh. Rather than check her emails or workout though, she heads back to bed, where she is most comfortable meditating. "Generally I'm so sleepy I can't make it as far as the couch, so I'll go back to bed, sit up against the bed head with a straight back and meditate for 20 minutes."

Bargh joins the long list of celebrities who swear by transcendental meditation (TM) and says it helps her stay present and level-headed. "I did a course in TM, and it's been almost two years that I've been meditating on my own," she says of the mantra-based practice. "I have my own manta and you just repeat the mantra in your head until you transcend—at least, that's the goal. It doesn't happen every time, but when it does, it's lovely."

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Practice Gratitude

After meditating for 20 minutes, Bargh finishes her session by practicing gratitude. "I do a couple of minutes of gratitude, which is just going over in my head all the things I'm grateful for and what I want to bring into my life and my day," she says. It's a short practice, but one that helps her stay grounded—no doubt important given her caliber of work. 

Put on a Sheet Mask

Bargh doesn't rely on her makeup team to ensure she's red carpet–ready; instead, she uses a face mask, light mask, and eye mask the morning of a big event to ensure her skin looks its best. "My girlfriend Jessica Gomes has her own brand called Equal Beauty, and I'm really loving her face mask," she tells MyDomaine. The clincher? The Moisture Veil mask has clever attachments for your ears that hold it in place. "A lot of the time face masks are hard if you want to move around and multitask but this one is so great—I'm obsessed," she says. Bargh reads through her notes while the mask is in place so she's prepared to film that day. 

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Add a Light Mask

Once the sheet mask is in place, Bargh wears a light therapy mask on top. "It's got a red light on it so it makes you look really glowy," she says, noting that it's not the most attractive device but is essential on awards day. "If I'm rushing in the morning, I'll sometimes do the face masks in the car on the way to the red carpet, and my drivers are hilarious. They look back in the rearview mirror at me, and I've seen so many of them squeal. They get so terrified!" she laughs. "I look like an absolute freak of nature." 

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Fuel-Up With a Breakfast Smoothie

A certified health coach, Bargh is intentional about what she eats for breakfast. "It's really hard to put things into your body that you shouldn't, knowing what they can do to you. It's definitely made me more conscious and aware of what I eat but also my attitude toward food," she says. 

With that in mind, she starts her day with a balanced breakfast consisting of a fruit- and vegetable-packed smoothie and eggs. "My smoothie generally consists of some protein powder, banana, and spinach," she says, adding that she's a fan of "crazy herbs" like Ashwagandha. "There's a bunch of supplements I put in my smoothie that I believe give superpowers," she says with a laugh. 

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Walk on the Beach

Surprisingly, Bargh's morning routine extends well beyond her bedroom and kitchen. "One thing I realized recently that I've brought into my award show routine is going to the beach the morning of and walking on the sand," she says, noting it wasn't a conscious addition. "It just reminds me of what real life is—it's the thing that makes me feel most at home," says the Byron Bay native. "Sometimes when I'm on the red carpet surrounded by all these stars, I feel so disconnected from where I'm from. Being on the beach and having a moment to center myself calms me down, and I don't get that nervous energy."

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