How a Red Carpet Host Stays Calm and Centered Before the Emmys


Getty Images

The prospect of interviewing the most famous, well-respected actors in the world in front of millions of viewers might seem like a daunting task, but for Extra TV host Renee Bargh, it's just another day on the job. This year marks Bargh's eighth Primetime Emmy Awards. "It doesn't stress me out anymore—I actually get excited!" the Australian-born host tells us on a call from her home in L.A. "The vibes and energy on the red carpet are great. Celebs are happy and nervous and excited to celebrate with their peers. It's my favorite thing to cover."

Bargh exudes a sense of confidence and ease on- and off-camera, but she admits that hasn't always been the case. "I used to be a pretty highly anxious person in general, and I notice when I [skip] my meditation, which can happen when I'm busy, I go back to being a little bit nervous." Perhaps for that reason, Bargh has developed a well-honed morning routine that helps her stay centered and present, especially on Emmy day. In the mix: transcendental meditation to find focus, a smoothie packed with "crazy herbs" to fuel her body, and a grounding trip to the beach to put life in perspective. Here's how a red carpet host makes the most of her morning before a big event.

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