See How One Blogger Personalized Her Generically Flipped Home

In Los Angeles, if you aren’t lucky enough to have an obscene amount of money in cash or parents willing (and able) to gift you a down payment, buying your first home can be quite a challenge. After eight months of nonstop looking (as in literally four to 10 open houses every weekend with our real estate agents for eight months), my husband Damien and I finally found our dream home. Scratch that—we found a home in our favorite neighborhood with great “bones” that was recently flipped and that we knew we could turn into our dream home.

Let me explain: L.A. is full of people with the aforementioned criteria. Because of this fact, every home we bid on would get 15 to 25 offers, and the lucky person who could pay in cash got the house ($750k–900k in cash!). Damien and I simply didn’t have that. Then one day something clicked. These houses we were bidding on were beautifully designed and located in great neighborhoods that were move-in ready. Of course they were getting 20 offers—they were already perfect!

It was then that we started looking at houses that weren’t perfect but had potential. This shift is what got us our home. We found a newly flipped three-bedroom, three-bathroom house with a yard in our favorite neighborhood. The catch? It was newly flipped and not at all to our design taste. The good news is that because it got only five offers instead of 15 to 25, we landed our very first home. We did a month of cosmetic renovations and hired Caroline Wolf of Homepolish to help with the decorating. Two and a half months later, our place with potential is now our perfect home! Keep reading to learn how we created the home of our dreams.

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