This Is the Only Thing Standing Between You and Your Dream Home


Tessa Neustadt; Interior Design by Amber Interiors

For the uninitiated, finding your dream apartment might seem like the biggest part of the rental battle. Don't get us wrong, landing on that perfect piece of real estate is a challenge in its own right, but once you've found it, there's a bigger hurdle to jump: getting approved. 

A new study by Trulia suggests the odds are stacking against renters. Home ownership is at a 51-year low and in the last decade, there's been a five-point increase in the number of renters, making the market more competitive than ever. Add to that a shaky credit score or low income and your chances are dashed again. 

Before you lose hope, there is a way to make your rental application stand out from the rest. Trulia Data Scientist Mark Uh poured through the real estate site's wealth of listings and rental resumes to find out the one thing that catapults your chance of success. It turns out, you could be going about applying for an apartment all wrong...