11 Ways to Make Your Home Even Better in 2017 (That Don't Involve Redecorating)

Updated 01/08/17
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When drawing up New Year's resolutions, we're often tempted to go with the obvious: be on time, eat better, get ahead at work… And while it's never a bad idea to show up to a meeting on time, cut down on french fries, or strive to get that promotion, we often fail to look at the bigger picture—that these habits start at home. Think about it: Healthy eating, increased productivity, and timeliness can really only be sustained if your personal environment is conducive to such habits. 

So how can you channel your New Year's resolutions into your personal space to become happier, healthier, and more productive? Whether it's as simple as taking care of a plant, trying a new recipe, or finally organizing your entryway, you'll be happy you took on one of these home resolutions in 2017. Pick up these healthy home habits today, and reap the benefits all year long.

Invest in Your Sleep

Do you fall asleep to Netflix every night? Are you glued to your phone until your eyes shut down? Do you often wake up feeling sluggish and worn out? Your sleeping habits could be to blame. Invest in better sleep by making sure your bedroom environment is conducive to deeper z's: a supportive mattress, warm lighting, blackout blinds, and no electronics.

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Adopt the Hygge Philosophy

The Danes know a thing or two about comfort at home—and it starts with one small word: hygge. More than just a decorating philosophy, hygge is about comfort, togetherness, and well-being. Read up on the basics of hygge and make your home feel a little more safe, happy, and comfortable.

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Take Care of a Plant

Are you the type to kill even the sturdiest succulent? We've been there too. If you don't have a green thumb but want to infuse greenery in your space, start small with a self-watering planter that does the job for you. Eventually, you can graduate to real planters.

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Set Up a Home Bar

Entertaining is a cinch when you have a fully-stocked at-home bar ready to go. To start building your bar, start with a few tools, basic spirits, and a cocktail book. As you start mastering your favorite cocktail recipes, you'll slowly stock your bar with more essentials. Keep learning new recipes and your bar will only continue to grow.

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Make a Cleaning Plan

Are you the type to book a cleaner every two weeks, or to delay your house cleaning a little longer than you should? Take a hint from science and make a cleaning schedule based on how often you should clean your home. Hold yourself accountable by setting calendar alerts on your phone. You may find it easier to tackle house chores, or at the very least, you'll decrease the frequency of your housecleaner's visits.

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Start an Art Collection

You don't need to be a discerning curator to buy art. All you need is to start with one piece—one that isn't a generic print stemming from a big box store. Online art marketplaces like Twyla and Uprise Art make it easier than ever to choose a piece that you'll love to fit any budget. Pick your price point, learn about the artists, pick a piece you love, and hit purchase. 

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Try a New Wellness Trend

Crystal healing, dry brushing, sage smudging… The internet is abuzz with unconventional new wellness trends that are meant to treat anxiety, help with circulation, or clear the energy in your space. Read up on a few wellness practices, pick one that sounds interesting, and give it a try. You never know how it could enhance your life—so why not experiment?

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Cook a New Recipe Every Two Weeks

Do you often end up ordering the same three Seamless meals on rotation week after week? Does your cooking repertoire consist of a handful of trusted dishes? Expand your culinary horizons (and your taste buds) by trying one new recipe every two weeks. 

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Organize Your Entryway

A functional home starts with a well-organised entryway. Are your coats and shoes overflowing from your closet? Is your mail scattered throughout your apartment? Do you constantly lose your keys? Give your entrance hall a complete overhaul and streamline the process of walking in and out of your home.

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Want to be healthier and happier in 2017? Adopt these three habits.

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