5 Things Waiters Would Never Say to Your Face (but Secretly Look Down On)

Updated 08/25/17
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Restaurant Waiters Pet Peeves

Most of us like to think that we're always gracious when it comes to dealing with restaurant staff—common courtesy dictates saying please and thank you, being polite, not being overly demanding, and leaving a generous tip. But word on the street is that we might not be the poster children for restaurant dining as much as we thought. As pointed out in a recent Insider article, a recent Quora thread asked restaurant servers one simple question: "As a server, what makes you angry most?"

The answers poured in—with many users posting lengthy lists spelling out their professional grievances, from a pre-tax 12% tip to a fifth round of bread basket. Get to know the restaurant blunders secretly making servers cringe—so you can always stay in their good graces.

Don't let your kids run wild: "Restaurants are not playgrounds, and waitstaff and other customers are not your babysitters, no matter how cute your kids are," wrote Quora user Cheryl Lemanski.

Don't pile up your plates: "I really do appreciate the effort people go to so my job is slightly easier. But if you've haphazardly created an unstable pile, I'm going to have to awkwardly rearrange the mess you've created while you all watch," wrote Tom Wilson.

Don't stare at your phone: "That device is literally costing restaurants and servers money by lengthening table turn times. Not to mention all the irritating aspects of trying to get an order from someone while they look down at their cell," restaurant owner Barbara Oritz wrote.

Don't interrupt other guests: "I'm sorry, but your second extra side of ranch can wait two seconds, don't be rude to my other guests," wrote Quora user Megan Gietzen.

Don't ask your waiter out: "Asking me if I’m single and ready to mingle," wrote Quora user David Payne.

Curious to know what other faux pas you might be making while noshing on your steak frites? Read the full list on Insider.

Are you a waiter yourself? Let us know what your biggest dining pet peeves are.

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