This One Word Will Completely Transform Your Résumé

From updates you haven’t thought of to revisions you should make, there is plenty of résumé advice on the Internet. However, a recent Fast Company article caught my eye for its fairly simple yet effective advice. Erica Seidel, founder of an executive recruiting practice, argues that one simple word can completely transform your résumé and put you ahead of the pack: which. “Introduce ‘which’ into your résumé and it will instantly gain depth and substance,” Seidel says. “Why? Because the explanations that follow from ‘which’ put all your accomplishments and responsibilities into context. They show off your unique approach to your work and, perhaps most important of all, the results they bring.” So if you have “Created a new system of organization” as a bullet on your résumé, try transforming it with which: “Created a new system of organization, which increased productivity and sales by 50%.” Tacking which onto the end of a sentence forces you to determine and illustrate your achieved results, which is exactly what hiring managers look for in candidates.

Once you’ve updated your résumé to include the word which, you’ll need a printer to make hard copies.

How do you describe your accomplishments on your résumé?