Shop the Room: Dining Room Groove

Gone are the days of formal dining rooms only used on Christmas, Passover, or Easter. Embrace the modern way of dining by decorating your space with as much personality as the rest of your home. Designer Wendy Shwartz of Wendy Schwartz Design in Los Angeles channels a retro vibe in this carefully curated space. A groovy compilation of a brass-jack-inspired chandelier, swirling black wallpaper, and well-worn furnishings showcase a point of view we'd like to get to know. If you think you've also found your match, note the following pieces of advice. header1 No pairing makes a bolder statement than black and white. Chessboards are made for displaying queens and kings, and this dining room's monochrome backdrop is made to showcase its furnishings. Wallpapering your walls in a glossy black paper can be a daunting venture, however. This wall treatment is deemed a winner in our books because the pattern is graphic and geometric. It is also a retro pattern, which gives the black walls personality and a sense of yesteryear whimsy (this element of fun negates any vampiric gothic drama). Pair your walls with bright white doors and moldings, and your dynamic duo is made. header2 With all this talk of black and white, we're beginning to feel a chill in the air. Warm the space up a bit by bringing in natural elements. A set of leather cushioned Tucroma armchairs make a great invitation for long (and comfortable) dinners. A raw-edge stone console table adds an earthy element to the room. Also, the rustic wood table seems as if it was discovered in your Grandpa's wood shop. Seriously, what could be more comforting than that? HEADER3 The accessories in this space spark the idea that this homeowner must be a masterful bargain hunter. The eclectic décor pairings are so original, they had to have been inspired by successful days at the flea market. To avoid making your space look like an actual flea market, however, mix in vintage pieces with fresh accents. For instance, take a retro ceramic lamp and top it with a matte black shade with a glossy gold interior, or fill antique planters with lush ferns. The pairing of old and new will always be chic. shopthelook
STR-08 market2 STR-05
"Turnabouts" Wallpaper #RF45, $450, Walnut Wallpaper Ant Brass Plated Textured Bowl, $575, Bliss Home & Design Tucroma Dining Chairs by Pace, $5800 (Set of Four), 1st Dibs
STR-01 market STR-04
Intersection Chandelier, Price Upon Request, Downtown 20 Adams Dining Table, From $1199, Room & Board John Ambrose Sailing Ship, $405, Investiques
STR-09 STR-06 STR-03
Ceramic Teal Mid-Century Table Lamp, $150, Lamps Plus Flat Black and Gold Hardback Lampshade, From $43, Search Lighting Adiantum Fern Bunch, $28, Terrain
Photograph: Wendy Shwartz Design