Exclusive: Be the First to See RH Modern's Jaw-Dropping Artisan Collection

It's not hard to see why RH Modern, Restoration Hardware's sleek sibling brand, is a celebrity favorite. Its minimalistic aesthetic and large-scale furniture have attracted the likes of Kendall Jenner and the Kardashian family, among others. While we've seen the Fontanelle Round Chandelier in multiple home tours, it seems there might be a new celebrity favorite at RH Modern: the Glass Globe Pendant, an orb-like creation by designers Rudi Nijssen and Dominique Sente.

The pendant light is just one of the standout items in the 2017 RH Modern Collection. Chairman and CEO Gary Friedman brought together leading artisans to create a line that "melds master craftsmanship and the finest materials with highly inspired designs that evoke a sense of warm minimalism and organic luxury," the brand's source book reads. If you love sleek and pared-back design, muted tones, and brushed brass, this collection is for you.

Take a first-look at RH Modern's stunning new collection: