Step Inside Fashion Designer Rick Owens' Striking Venetian Home

Iconic American fashion designer Rick Owens has welcomed the internet into his Venice, Italy, home for the first time, and we're glad he did. The California native has essentially applied the same design principles that govern his clothing designs to a physical space, and the end result is just as striking and boundary-pushing as his eponymous fashion line.

“I needed to create a space that was severe and avoided any kind of sentimentality or attachments, a blank slate … to completely obliterate [extraneous noise], to concentrate on listening to what I really want," Owens told Mr Porter, speaking of the design inspiration behind his home. "Living in clutter and chaos and things that are half done or that are half-hearted, I think, can allow you to be a little bit too relaxed. I can't be relaxed." 

Replete with marble, harsh, angular furniture, and muted blacks, grays, and whites, it appears that Owens has succeeded in curating a space that leaves room for creativity and invention. "After you've showered and brushed your teeth in a marble cube, you’re going to aspire to something a little higher," he adds. "You're going to attempt something more extreme. So that's what I was doing. I was creating an environment for myself that would force me to demand more and demand something better. And I have to be at my very, very, best."

Step inside Rick Owens's stunning Venice apartment below.